October 23, 2018

21 October 2018 – SKCC Criterium Results

PLACEGETTERS SPRING/SUMMER 2018/2019 @reitheralastair   RACE DATE: 21 October 2018 VENUE: South Melbourne EVENT: SKCC Criterium NUMBER OF RIDERS: 244 WEATHER CONDITIONS: Fine and sunny A Grade Men (70 starters) 1. Conor Murtagh (Brunswick CC) 2. Rico Rogers (SKCC) 3. Henry Dietz (Brunswick CC) A Grade Women (14 starters) 1. Sarah Gigante (Brunswick CC) 2. Matilda Raynolds (SKCC) 3. Saffron Button (Blackburn…

May 2, 2018

Race Memberships for 1st time Women & Junior racers

Each year a number of VIP memberships are made available by Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia. The aim of a VIP membership is to encourage interested people to take up a race membership (full racing entitlements) with their local club to try cycling as a sport for the calendar year. This is a complimentary membership…

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