The SKCC Women’s Sub-Committee realise the importance of providing weekly rides that will cater for all levels of fitness and ability. We are now pleased to announce that we have three weekly rides run for SKCC Women members on each of the following days…..Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. These are perfect networking opportunities for new and existing members. In addition to these three rides there are other mixed rides on Monday’s (3), Tuesday (1), Wednesday(1) and Friday (1) that women are welcome to participate in, details of these are also included below. 

What do I need to know:

We strictly follow the code of conduct when out on all rides. This means, calling of hazards, hand signaling, stopping at red lights and generally sharing the road politely as we ride.

NB: We have ride co-ordinators for our three Women’s rides. Their role is to welcome new members, so don’t be shy, introduce yourself when you arrive for the ride.

Current ride leaders are:
Tuesday Beginner: Alison Raaymakers
Wednesday: Alison Raaymakers
Thursday: Amanda Inglis


This ride will accommodate the true beginner and is ideal for women new to SKCC and new to cycling. Our ride leaders will be there to help you with bunch riding etiquette and confidence building, all at an easy relaxed pace. If this is the type of ride you have been looking for, email Alison Raaymakers on

  • Start point: Turtle Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood
  • Start time & day: 6am on Tuesday mornings
  • Destination & distance: St Kilda to Black Rock & return (28km’s) 
  • Pace: 25km/h to 28km/h
  • The group will also finish at the Turtle Cafe to enjoy a coffee, a few stories and share how they’re feeling post ride. 

NB: You will need to be an SKCC member to participate (SKCC kit is preferable but not mandatory). We do accommodate newcomers who have not yet joined the club and are happy for them to do a trial ride to ensure that this is what they are looking for. Notifying Alison via email on of your intention to participate is essential, and sorry, no blokes on this one !

PS: Communication regarding this ride is sent out every Monday by Alison on the SKCC Women’s Facebook page. The only thing stopping this ride going ahead is severe wind, rain & snow !


She Rides On is a Cycling Australia Women’s program, supported by SKCC.  It follows on from the She Rides learn to ride program, and offers women a chance to continue to develop their riding skills and bridge the gap between learner and club. It is also suitable for new members with a base fitness level looking for networking opportunities.

Riders do not have to be SKCC members to join this ride.  Ladies are offered 5 complimentary rides before being required to take out a Cycling Australia membership…even better if it is SKCC!

Departing: 6.00am sharp, from the 50km sign on Yarra Boulevard, Kew, just down from the Walmer St corner
Returning: 7.10am for coffee at Maker Fine Coffee, 47 North St Richmond
Where to:
2 laps of Yarra Boulevard, regrouping at each end and ensuring no one is dropped…but also offering plenty of options for stronger riders. 
Whatever you can manage.  We try to stick together for the first 1/2 lap and regroup at the end of the lap.  On the second lap riders tackle the rollers at their own pace, and those who are not as strong, turn when they see the fast ladies on the return leg.
Drop Policy: No one will be left behind.  We may get a little spread through the rolling hills, but there will always be a ride leader bringing up the rear.


This ride is a co-ordinated ride which aims to help women bridge the gap between Tuesday & Thursday’s rides. This ride is ideal for helping riders who are leaving the novice ranks to further sharpen their skill and develop their ability. It is also suitable for new members with a base fitness level looking for networking opportunities. Men are welcome to join in as long as they respect the advertised pace of the ride.

Departing: 6.00am sharp, the Turtle Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood
7.00am for coffee back at the Turtle Cafe
Where to:
St Kilda to Black Rock & return to St Kilda (28km)
High 20’s – social chit chat pace on the way to Black Rock, faster paced (low 30’s) constant rolling turns on the way home.  Constant rolling turns are introduced on this ride, so it is the ideal place to become confident with them.
Drop Policy: Should riders new to this ride find the return pace quicker than they can manage initially, they are encouraged to sit at the back of the bunch, or return at their own pace, rejoining the group for coffee and a post ride chat at the Turtle Cafe. We’ll see you again in subsequent weeks and before long you’ll be comfortably returning at the group’s pace.

NB: SKCC kit is preferable but not mandatory. Communication regarding this ride can be found on the SKCC Women’s Facebook page.


This is a training ride, rolling turns, returning at a pace of high 30kph.  This is not a social ride – if fatigue overcomes you, you may sit on the rear of the rolling turns. Men are welcome but must ensure that they respect the pace that the women choose to travel at on that day. This ride is suitable for those looking for a sharper pace than the Tuesday and Wednesday women’s rides.  It is the next step up from the 6:00am Wednesday morning ride.

Departing:  5:45am sharp, Soul Racer, Marine Parade, St Kilda
  7.15am for coffee the Turtle Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood
Where to:  Reserve Rd (return), approx 35km
  Training ride pace, warm up speed heading south, and returning in rolling turns, high 30kph

Note: Communication regarding this ride will be made via the SKCC Women’s Facebook Page. SKCC Kit is mandatory!



For other (mixed) club rides, check out all the ride options on the SKCC Road Training Rides page.  Whether you are just seeking to spin the legs over after a long, hard weekend of racing and training, or, looking for an additional training ride, there will be one there for you!

If you have questions and need to speak to someone about any of these rides, please call Gaelene on 0414 432 850 or email on , she’ll be happy to help. Or, if we’ve already sold you on becoming a member, follow this link and follow the prompts to become an SKCC member !