RICHMOND CYCLERY RIDE – Tuesdays – Heaven and Hell

Meet at the corner of Barkly St and Carlisle St in St Kilda at 6.30pm. Through the back streets of Brighton, along Beach Road to Mordialloc and back. The pace down is a strict easy 30-32km/h. The return is 25km sprint and can average 50kph, the final BP sprint is a cracker. Back at St Kilda by 8.00-8.15pm. Participate at the front of this ride if you are experience, skill and fitness. STRAVA MAP

NORTH ROAD RIDE – Monday and Friday – Recovery Ride

Two bunches leave at 5.45am and 6.00am corner North Road and Nepean Highway, Brighton. Travels south along Nepean Highway to Mordialloc roundabout and back to Café Racer in St Kilda. The distance is approximately 40km. This is a strict small chain ring gentle recovery pace at 30 km/h on a still morning getting back to Racer around 7.20am. SKCC requests that members turn at the Mordialloc roundabout NOT the church, which is unsafe and that the 30 km/h recovery pace is maintained throughout the entire ride. MAP MY RIDE

NORTH ROAD RIDE – Wednesday – Short or Long?

The 5.45am and 6am is disciplined two a breast medium pace (35 km/h) to Modialloc roundabout. The bunch splits with about half returning to Cafe Racer doing rolling turns at full pace (40-45km/h), while the other half continues to Patterson or Frankston and heads back on full throttle rolling turns, back by about 8am. The long Wendnesday ride is for experienced and fit racers. MAP MY RIDE

NORTH ROAD RIDE – Tuesdays & Thursdays – Classic Euro or Rabble

The 5.45am bunch is a classical euro sight to behold – disciplined two abreast pace of 35km/h to Modialloc roundabout, then tight rolling turns up to 45km/h to Cafe Racer. Sit in business class and enjoy the watching well executed turns, if you like.

The 6.00am bunch is an undisciplined rabble that goes full gas all the way down and finishes at Cafe Racer, all the while showing a general disregard for euro traditions, style and class. MAP MY RIDE

 – Monday to Friday
Meet at the Caltex (cnr Bridge & Beach) at 5:50am
Route: Mordialloc via Beach Rd and back via Como, Balcome and back onto Beach Rd via the Clock Tower. Relaxed pace.

TOUR DE BURBS –  Tuesday and Thursday – Hilly Billy
This bunch meets at where Yarra Boulervard meets the Chandler Highway at 6.45pm and 7pm – the former being at a harder pace. Travel out into the suburban hills via Kew, Balwyn and Doncaster, then back via Heidelberg, where several laps of the challenging “Col du Burgundy Street” hill are undertaken. Return back through Ivanhoe and Yarra Boulevard once again to St Kilda. Distance is about 60km and includes several KOM and sprint points along the way, with the bunch regrouping after each effort. Good hill work and a little technical in parts. MAP MY RIDE