SKCC is affiliated with the UCI, Cycling Australiaand Cycling Victoria. A range of formally adopted documents provides the basis for decision-making and governance arrangements.

Codes of Conduct

SKCC members are bound by the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport, the Cycling Australia Code of Conduct and all Cycling Victoria policies

Regulations and Policy

Members are also bound by the following:

Cycling Australia
Cycling Victoria

By Laws

By Laws

Technical Regulations

Cycling Victoria Polices


SKCC Race Rules

All participants in SKCC events must abide by these rules.

If you have never raced a criterium please read our First Time Guide to Criterium Racing and all the informative links at our Racing Etiquette web page.


  • The purpose of these Rules is to allow participants and officials to take part in racing which is safe, enjoyable

  • These rules are designed to maintain a safe, physically challenging and friendly environment, and to increase participation in events conducted by SKCC, and ensure continued access to the various circuits and venues made available to SKCC for conducting races.

  • Persons to whom these offences apply acknowledge and agree to comply with the disciplinary action and penalties below. If any penalties are imposed, persons directly affected can appeal to the SKCC Race Committee. Appeals must be in writing stating clear factual grounds of appeal. Appeals will be considered in a fair and transparent manner. Appeal decisions will be final.


  1. R1Behaving in a manner inconsistent with the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport, Cycling Australia and Cycling Victoria Code of Conduct;
  2. R2Parking vehicles in unsafe manner or in area not designated for parking;
  3. R3Failure to use designated toilet facilities;
  4. R4Failure to present a current Cycling Australia or UCI competitive license, or purchase a day license or 3-race license, or club receipt or email confirmation of on-line renewals at the registration desk every race.
  5. R5Presentation of a bicycle not in conformity with the regulations or in an unsafe condition.
  6. R6Wearing inappropriate, unsafe or offensive race attire.
  7. R7Leaving rubbish at venues or failure to place rubbish in bins;
  8. R8Failure to comply with directions given by officials, Commissaires and support personnel assisting or conducting events;
  9. R9Failure to follow directions from course marshals and race officials without question or delay;
  10. R10Warming up or cooling down on the racing circuit when another race is underway;
  11. R11Riding in a dangerous, aggressive, erratic or unpredictable manner which does or could result in other competitors having to take evasive action or crash;
  12. R12Failure to maintain a straight course where possible;
  13. R13Failure to keep to the left side of the circuit unless overtaking a slower bunch.
  14. R14Deviating from the line when the back wheel is not clear of the front wheel of riders following behind or to either side – i.e. you must not cut another rider off when overtaking or attacking.
  15. R15Attempting to improve position in corners, in particular by diving up the inside of the bunch.
  16. R16Failing to follow (hold) the line set by the bunch or rider ahead through corners whenever it is safe to do so.
  17. R17Striking the road surface with a pedal while cornering.
  18. R18Leaving the racing circuit proper and improving position within the bunch.
  19. R19Failure to keep both hands on the handlebars, unless a rider is taking a drink.
  20. R20Failing to report incidents or near misses to the Commissaire or entry table officials to have the details of their accident recorded, regardless of whether they require first aid treatment.
  21. R21Gaining assistance from riders from any other grade on the circuit at the same time.
  22. R22When lapped, failing to withdraw from the circuit at ‘3 to go’ or when directed by officials.
  23. R23Riding or about to ride without a helmet.
  24. R24Failing to allow faster bunches to overtake without taking pace from or obstructing them;
  25. R25In a sprint deviating from selected line and endangering other riders;
  26. R26Failing to pass a slower bunch on the right;
  27. R27Failure to return racing numbers promptly after completing racing;
  28. R28In time trails slip steaming or failing to maintain regulation distances and gaps;
  29. R29Failure to exit the racing circuit immediately after completing a race to avoid interfering with other bunches;
  30. R30Failure to observe the centre line rule on open road circuits;
  31. R31Pulling, pushing or obstructing another rider;
  32. R32Insults, threats, obscene, unseemly behaviour, language or gestures;
  33. R33Acts of violence; and
  34. R34Using a mobile phone, music device of any kind or radio during a race.


During racing, in addition to the officials observing from the side lines, SKCC utilize riding marshals and commissaires within bunches to ensure all riders compete in a fair and safe way.

Ride marshals, commissaires in the bunch, officials watching or other riders (by taking a lap out), can report riders to the Race Commissaire.

Once the Race Commissaire receives a report it will be considered. Where the Commissaire or Club Race Director is satisfied an offence has occurred the following penalties shall be imposed.

  • Rule R4, 5 and 6 – Start Refused

  • 1st Offence:
Disqualification, formal warning and 12 month probation period.

  • 2nd Offence:
Disqualification, 2 to 4 week suspension from racing and $75 fine.

  • 3rd Offence:
Disqualification, 8 to 12 week suspension from racing and $150 fine.

  • 4th Offence: Disqualification, 6 to 18 month suspension from racing and $300 fine.

  • Serious Offences:
Blatant and wilful disregard of the rules and/or intentional conduct which endangers the well being and safety of the rider or others will attract immediate disqualification, 3rd or 4th level penalties will apply.

  • At the discretion of the Commissaire or Race Director additional penalties such as training, education or club service may be imposed.

  •   A breach of R32 and R33 will be reported to the Victoria Police and penalties over and above those described above may be imposed.