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5 Questions with Fiona Clothier

April 18, 2018

About two years ago I started prioritising exercise into my life. I started with running (very slowly), and gradually increased my fitness and strength over about 8 months, by which time I completed a 35km run. This was a massive achievement for me, and one that was well beyond my expectations. Soon after this, my…

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5 Questions with Andrew Benneker

April 4, 2018

Andrew is another supporter of SKCC and the club rides; thank you Andrew!! SKCC is very fortunate to have your loyalty and support. We wanted to share a bit more about Andrew. Andrew started cycling approximately 4 years ago and moved to St Kilda 3 years ago. Andrew’s introduction to the club was a unique…

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Indian Pacific Wheel Race

March 22, 2018

For those that have not heard of this event, it is an epic, solo unsupported bike race across Australia; a distance of 5,500km (3,400mi). What does that look like? Riders have to find their own food, water and repair supplies along the route. They ride for as long as they could each day then found…

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5 Questions with Lisa and Ernie

March 21, 2018

Many club members know Ernesto Arriagada (he’s either on a bike or, these days more often, behind a camera) and Lisa Byrne; Ernie and Byrnie. This couple met through SKCC and celebrate 10 years of happiness (if you can call it that!) on March 22. Ern was part of the SKCC Committee a couple of…

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2018 St Kilda CC Criterium Championships – this Sunday, 25th March

March 18, 2018

Hi SKCC'ers, welcome to the 2018 SKCC Criterium Championships! Listed below is all the information you'll need to enter the correct age category (or grade), the entry price and the race schedule. (Don't worry if you're not sure of your age category, Entry Boss will allocate you to the correct category based on your date…

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Peaks Challenge – Lee Turner does it for the 7th time

March 15, 2018

Ali and I were back to tackle our 7th Peaks Challenge Falls Creek in a row. This year, like previous years, the weather was perfect. Along with our friend, Nadine, we were the 10 Hour Ride Leaders. Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is the best challenge ride on the calendar and it’s no surprise why it…

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Volunteer Coordinator, Raf Ungar answers the 5 Questions

March 13, 2018

Hello my name is Rafael but everyone calls me Raf!! I became a proud member of SKCC about two years ago, very soon after I started cycling and my name may sound familiar as I co-ordinate the volunteer roster for the Club. I got into cycling after a series of injuries stopped me from running…

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KOM Financial Advice’s NRS Team talks Handicap Etiquette

March 7, 2018

As some of you may remember, we featured KOM Financial Advice’s NRS Team NeroKOM a few newsletters ago. Our SKCC member, Sam Basccombe is a rider for NeroKOM. The NeroKOM team captain is Chris Miller, 2016 winner of LeTape and 2017 Bowral Classic. He puts out a weekly vlog, viewed by several thousand cyclists each…

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Vice President, Alison Raaymakers answers the 5 Questions

March 7, 2018

If you've joined SKCC in the past 3-4 years, you've probably had a welcome phone call from Alison! Alison is one of the stalwarts of the club and knows most (if not all!) members, she raced in the SKCC Giant Women's Race Team for 5 years, has been on committee for 4 and is a…

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Pathways to competitive cycling for women – Tuesday 6 March

February 28, 2018

Interested in racing your bike, but not sure where to start? We want to share with you the pathway in how you can get involved with competitive cycling. There will be a Q&A session too, so you will be able to ask any questions you may have, in a supportive and encouraging environment with cheese…

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