• Thank you to SKCC members who added their names to the 1600-strong petition urging the State Government to help fund the much-needed refurbishment of Power House at Albert Park Lake.

    SKCC had hoped the refurbishment could go ahead, with the club keen to use new refurbished Power House as a base. Unfortunately, this project was overlooked in the recent State Budget.

    Power House says that with the continued commitment of philanthropy, Commonwealth, and commercial and community support, it will continue working on plans to improve the current premises, including replacing the roof.

    “Further stages of works will provide us the key opportunity to progress with comfortable and digestible infrastructure plans that give benefits such as full accessibility, modernised and energy efficient façades, improved change room access for all, fit for purpose community spaces, improved and expanded theatre, café and access for more sporting groups,” it says.

    SKCC will continue to engage with Power House in its current form and offer continue to support for its redevelopment plans.

    – Campbell Fuller