Congratulations to our own Grace Brown, Female Road Cyclist of the Year. Grace came second at the Women’s WorldTour race, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, and then followed up with her first European victory at Brabantse Pijl. A fifth in the time trial at the 2020 UCI Road World Championships capped her year.

Emily Petricola has been named Track Paracyclist of the Year, with three rainbow jerseys in one day at the 2020 UCI Para-cycling Track Worlds.

Great Otway Gravel Grind: SKCC members tackled the Great Otway Gravel Grind last weekend, with notable results including first place for Neve Bradbury (97km Prime), and third placings for Daniela Mollica (97km Veteran), Tim McGrath (100km MTB Vintage) and Allan Ianuone (100km MTB Veteran).

Australian National Road Championships: St Kilda’s representation at the Australian National Road Championships in Ballarat in early February was second-to-none. Support from members was extraordinary, with raucous barracking from the barricades and volunteers setting up the club marquee as a home base for competitors and spectators alike. It was pleasing to see so many members sign up for the first time, enjoying every hectic, sweaty pedal stroke, and pledging to be back in 2022.

Congratulations to all participants and thank you to the volunteers and supporters who gave their time and energy.


Elite Women’s TT: Grace Brown 2nd; Lisa Jacob 6th (11sec off a podium finish)

U23 Men’s TT: Carter Turnbull 1st

Elite Men’s TT: Kell O’Brian 3rd; Jordy Villani 8th

Gran Fondo Time Trial: Rob Chignell 5th 35-39M; William Gielewski 6th 40-44M; Melinda Cockshutt 1st 45-49W; Gemma Abery 2nd 45-49W; Meredith Clark 2nd 55-59W; Stefan Kirsch 3rd 50-54M; Campbell Fuller 9th 50-54M; Alan Nelson 1st 60-64M; Robyn Baker 1st 65-69W.

Paracycling ITT: MC5 Greg Walters 3rd; WC5 Erika Gosney 3rd; WC4 Emily Petricola 1st; AWIIM Monty Cooper 6th; AWIIM Jack Stobie 7th; AWIIW Chloe Turner 3rd; WT2 Carol Cooke 1st.

Club TTT titles:

Open Women – SKCC Gemms 3rd (Marcella van Mourik, Virginia Comerford, Erica Iggo, Anna Legg)

180+ Women – SKCC Hot Wheels 1st (Lesley Kimpton-Ward, Jen Sandri, Soo Taylor, Pam Vandy)

150+ Women – SKCC Sagans 2nd (Meredith Clark, Kath Simpson, Robyn Baker, Kay Doidge)

120+ Women – SKCC Squirrels 2nd (Daniela Mollica, Natalie Saunders, Phillipa Thomas, Annie Mollison)

120+ Women – SKCC Audeamus 4th (Sue Phillips, Lisa Hogan, Kirsty Forsdike, Georgina Prato)

120+ Women – SKCC Go Get Mum 6th (Helen Johnson, Laura Parlevliet, Juliet Cooper, Patti Dunnill)

90+ Women – SKCC Matildas 3rd (Fiona Clothier, Alex Hailstone, Shelley Miles, Melinda Cockshutt)

150+ Men – SKCC Keeping Up with the Joneses 8th (Matthew Wilson Rafferty, David Roberts, Peter Jones, Richard Teirney)

150+ Men – SKCC The Oppys 11th (Robert Boyd, Rohan Braddy, Lee Emery, Fabian Molyneux)

120+ Men – SKCC Show Us The Bling 4th (Steve Drake, Daniel Corbett, Eric Mtb, Nick Pryslipski)

90+ Men – SKCC Team McEwan 4th (Sam Gartner, Henry Schreier, David Mercovich, Armando Bretón)

Team Crits:

M120+ SKCC Oooh Grady 5th (Sam Gartner, Richard Tierney, Eric Mtb, Nick Pryslipski)

M150+ SKCC Anderson’s Animals 6th (Rohan Braddy, Rob Boyd, Lee Emery, David Roberts)

W180+ SKCC Hot Wheels 1st (Jen Sandri, Pam Vandy, Lesley Ward)

W120+ SKCC Squirrels 2nd (Daniela Mollica, Annie Mollison, Natalie Saunders, Vanessa Wong)

W150+ SKCC Sagans 1st (Robyn Baker, Kay Doidge, Kath Simpson, Lisa James)

W90+ SKCC Matildas 1st (Fiona Clothier, Alex Hailstone, Erica Iggo, Shelley Miles)

Elite Women’s Crit: Neve Bradbury 7th (U23 3rd);

Elite Men’s Crit: Kell O’Brien 4th

U23 Men’s Road Race: Carter Turnbull 3rd; Terance Hore 21st

Gran Fondo Road Race (podiums): Meredith Clark 1st, 55-59 female; Alan Nelson 1st, 60-65 male; Robyn Baker 2nd, 65-69 female

Paracycling Road Race: Greg Walters 2nd C5 Men; Erika Gosney 2nd C5 Women; Jack Stobie 6th AWII Men; Monty Cooper 7th AWII Men; Chloe Turner 3rd AWII Women; Carol Cooke 1st T2 Women

U23 and Elite Women Road Race: Grace Brown 2nd; Neve Bradbury 6th (and 2nd in U23); Lisa Jacob in her first National Champs finished 21st

Elite Men’s Road Race: Kell O’Brien 2nd; Sebastian Presley 29th.