Club member Daniela Mollica added to her Everesting tally this month, taking part in a 20-women attempt on the Ghin Ghin climb near Yea. Eleven completed the challenge; Daniela conquered it with a riding time of 17½ hours. The remainder finished a Base Camp effort (4424m) after the event was hit by a storm.

Daniela reports the 11 each climbed about 8948m, giving them a solid 100m buffer to allow for new recalculations of the height of Everest, and finished without incident. They completed 19½ laps of Ghin Ghin, a climb that averages 5 per cent but has pinches of 12-15 per cent.

The attempt was organised by Sarah Fitton, with two former SKCC members Michelle Hyde and Fats Tajdhai also taking part. Daniela had already completed a virtual Everest in August, a virtual Everest 10,000m in September and a Base Camp on Donna Buang in November.

What’s next for this climbing legend? She’s already preparing for Everest Roam – 10,000m of climbing over at least 400km in under 36 hours – and unlike traditional Everesting, the event is not restricted to just one climb.

Also Everesting was our esteemed ride leader Michael Leung, who finished a V-Everest on Zwift and was persuaded to keep riding, finishing with 10,000 metres – including a sub-one hour Alp de Zwift in the process. He also managed one in real life, with 31 laps of the One-in-20 before the COVID restrictions.