We need your help!

We all love our crit course….did you know we’re about to lose it? Do you want somewhere to race next crit season?  SKCC needs your help to lobby our politicians so our plight is heard and our politicians get that lots of people (voters ie us!) care about this.
To do this, we’re asking each of you write to your government representatives.  To make your job easy and help us help you, we’ve come up with some templates which you can personalise.

Template Letter to Minister for Environment

Template Letter to Minister for Sport

Template Letter to State Member Albert Pk

Consider a few key points and be ready to use them when you open the doors to volunteers from political parties…

  1. Where in the City of Port Phillip is there a space appropriate to conduct skills sessions for young children?  One that provides opportunities to set up a simulated road environment to prepare them for when they turn 12 and are obliged to ride with traffic. One where parents and/or coaches can keep an eye on them at all times.
  2. Secondary students are too old to ride on footpaths, but the skills and fitness they have can be so diverse that linear bike paths are challenging if trying to keep a group together or run a skills program.  Where can teachers safely run bike ed?
  3. All abilities cycling programs require traffic free environments.  They also require enough space for people learning to control the full range of modified bicycles (tandems, hand cycles, trikes, or other adapted bikes) to be able to pick up speed and practice turning and/or learning road skills.
  4. Adults taking up cycling for the first time, regardless of their motivation, can be quite overwhelmed and threatened by having to ride on roads.  Shared paths are one option, but an off road, circuit based, training facility would allow them to practice without fear of wobbling into oncoming traffic (vehicular, cycling or pedestrian)
  5. Cycling clubs run a wide range of programs meeting the needs of all the groups above and more…