Huge thanks to our ride leaders Lee Emery, Scott McFarlane, Amanda Inglis, Kay Doidge, Guin Cleminson, John Wyatt, Michael Leung and Laura Parlevliet for keeping us entertained and fit while in COVID lockdown, also to the club members who have organised rides and invited us to join them.

That green band boost has allowed quite a few members to tackle the Wednesday hit out with first Lee, and then Scott.  A few sneaky sprints on Kay and Guin’s  Thursday morning bunchies have kept us all on our toes.  John’s pro hours spins on Tue and Friday mornings are proving to be very popular.  Laura and Kay have the juniors Zooming on Thursday nights.  Amanda leads us out on Thursday evening, and then to mix things up also looks after the Monday Zoom session.  Michael’s Tuesday am session are done in an hour, but if you’re after some longer kms join him for a weekend Zwift adventure too.

While club coffees are off the table for now, the banter of a Discord chat certainly helps us stay connected and pass the time and kms.

If you’re still finding your way around the world of Zwift, Zoom and Discord, don’t hesitate to shout out if you need a hand.  Whatever your gremlin, I’m sure we’ll have someone who can help.

Zwift tip:  Accessing club kit is easy.  Head to the Zwift garage.  Press P on your keyboard, and enter the code StKilda2015Kit to unlock SKCC kit in they jersey store.