SundaySocialRide Feb2013 1

Such were the spoils of the February social ride under the leadership of Liz and her merry men!

Melbourne turned on yet another stunning day of 30+ degrees for our second summer social ride. The object of our riding desire this trip was Mount Macedon, and she did not disappoint.

We took off from Gisborne at a respectable hour and meandered our way to the base of the mountain. This provided a perfect warm up for the legs and gave us all plenty of time to get to know each other.

After a quick re-group, a few gulps of energy drink and muesli bar or two, we set off up the mountain. It was a very picturesque climb with plenty of winding road. It’s a social ride so everyone climbs at their own pace, and there was a real sense of achievement to reach the peak. Not even an outing of the Holden Car Club and streams of motorcycles could hold this bunch of riders back!

Awaiting us at the top was an incredible view and a café with some pretty impressive toasted sandwiches. You’ve never seen slices of bread so thick! It was a perfect setting to share stories about the climb and other riding expeditions we’ve all enjoyed.

After a delightful lunch, it was time to really have some fun! What goes up must come down, and boy, what a descent! We were an impressive site – all in a line, laying low and flying down the mountain. Needless to say, it was a considerably quicker ride back to the cars than it was to ride up. And just as well. Ben the barman was waiting patiently with some cold beers at the local down the road.

What a perfect way to end a wonderful day of riding and socialising – a couple of cold ones and a few laughs.

Can’t wait to see what Liz has in store for Summer Social Ride #3 in March – this one will be hard to top!

Contributor: Rebecca O’Brien