The SKCC/Giant women’s team and the SKCC women’s committee enjoyed a dinner together on Friday night in Elsternwick. It was great seeing everyone in a social opportunity out of the lycra.

Jodie raced a criterium at Casey Fields on Sunday with SVCC. As usual it was windy, wet and cold, only 7 degrees ! This kept the entries low on the day with a field of about 25 in C grade. Jodie surprised the field and attacked in the first lap. She had a good gap on the rest of the field but unfortunately cut a corner a little fine and with the wheels now in the mud and not being able to get back up on the lip of the racing surface she skidded across the road. Another rider (Bruce Dunlop) thankfully stopped to assist to ensure the bunches were not impeded by her stopped on the corner.

Then SVCC club secretary Bill stopped his race to check Jodie was ok. After straightening the wheel, putting the chain back on, banging in the bar ends and ensuring the body was ok then came the helmet check – cracked in about 3 places! Jodie rolled back to the start finish line to grab a spare helmet that Bill had on hand. After a few helmet adjustments she rejoined the race 2 laps down.

With the pace relatively calm in the bunch Jodie tried another attack but just strung out the bunch. Then a few more people had a go, but still all together for the bell lap. With B grade coming past shortly after getting the bell C grade let them get up the road a bit before starting the final lap in earnest. Jodie held on in the sprint to win first woman but was then told she had too many laps out and the win was awarded to Karin Coles (CCCC).

Places the team could be seen training this week –

Lisa did some training at Kew and Kinglake and solo return to Olinda.

Justyna has been training in and around Melbourne and the Dandenongs.

Alison trained on Kew Boulevard, Beach Rd and solo return to Mornington.

Jodie rode to Mt Elisa a few times.

Coming races for the team

The team all plan to be at the SKCC trophy race sponsored by Giant on 13th August.

On Friday Jodie is competing in stage 1 of the Tour of Geelong, which is also the Victorian Open Time Trial Championships. Then on Sunday Jodie and Justyna are also competing in stage 3 the Victorian Open Criterium Championships.