On Saturday 23rd June, ten women entered the Northern Combine ITT Championships. 5 were from SKCC and the finishing positions were:
1st place: Philippa Read (Women’s Champion)
2nd place: Alison Raaymakers
3rd place: Grace Phang
4th place: Kat Lee
7th place: Georgina Beech

Juniors U17
4th place: Chloe Baggs
After a week of constant rain which was evidenced in the surrounding paddocks by very large puddles and muddy areas around the sign-on at the Balliang Hall, the biggest hurdle to the day was to be the wind, well make that the very strong wind. I learnt two valuable lessons, lesson 1: always find out where the start line is and lesson 2: don’t use a disk wheel in the very strong cross winds.
I remember thinking as I rolled up to the start ramp I should ask where the finish line is. I also remember not thinking about the disk wheel, at least not until after the first left had turn when I was struggling to get the bike back onto the right side of the road. I guess that’s a problem with being built like a climber!
24kms into a very strong crosswind saw most of us riding at an angle to the wind. Alison and Grace were able to ride the race on the TT bars but I was nearly blown off the road at least three times and could not control the bike using the TT bars, so finished up with my hands on the inside of the bars near the brake levers and my arms wedged under the arm rests. Not very aero but after checking out my shadow on the way home, not too bad.
Regarding the finish line, well I was very focused on just staying on the road. As I approached the last corner and lining myself up nicely for what I thought was the finish straight after the right hand turn, I noticed people waving madly at me that’s when I noticed the chequered flag and line on the road………………der!
Contributor: Pip Read