Training for the 2014 Victoria Club Teams is well underway under the coaching of the legend Shane Kelly.
SKCC Trackies have started to regroup in preparation for the 2014 Victoria Track Club titles to be held on the 18th January 2014. Last Saturday night saw the riders under the coaching of Shane Kelly start to form initial teams in preparation for the upcoming titles.

At the end of each training session the trackies gather for that traditional photo shot, Last Saturday night was no exception as the squad gathered for the photos with Shane Kelly

Saturday night saw some intense training on specific areas in preparation for the titles. While some of the teams from previous years will remain unchanged many positions within other teams remain open should riders which to participate in the titles. If you are interested in being part of these teams please let us know as early as possible.

Above – Trevor tries to chop Shane in a training drill. Shane can be seen above swinging up past Trevor to avoid being pushed against the fence.

Gates starts – Shane explains to the squad the importance of getting a good start in the event

Jim positions himself in the gates for the start while Shane secures

Trevor assumes the start position in anticipation of the gate releasing

Shane adjusts Dayle’s pedals in the gate.

Shane points to the first bend. The first 50ms from the gate to the first bend is the most important section of the sprint. You have to get out of the gates and to the bend as cleanly as possible. Loose a second here and you will not make that valued time up.

The squad have a steady cool down with Shane after the evenings training session.

SKCC Track Training this weekend with Shane Kelly
SKCC scheduled dates for track training (6-8pm) are: –

  • 12th October 2013 – 3rd session under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 9th November 2013 – 4th session and final before the titles under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 30th November 2013 another time to be arranged due to a double booking
  • 14th December 2013
  • 11th January 2014
  • 18th January 2014 VIC CLUB TRACK TITLES
  • 25th January 2014
  • 8th February 2014
  • 15th February 2014

Further details please refer to the SKCC web site


As the Summer racing calendar begins to unfold a number of key races have been earmarked in the SKCC Track Calendar which we are encouraging the SKCC Track Riders to support. These include:

  • 7th October the Track Master Games at Geelong
  • 19th October – Disc Summer racing from 4.00pm
  • 2nd-3rd November Men’s and Womens Omnium Champs
  • 9th November Warrigal track racing from 2pm
  • 16th-17th November Victorian track cup
  • 23rd November Footscray track open
  • 14th December CCCC track racing from 2pm
  • 28th December Bendigo track racing
  • 26th January Blackburn track racing
  • 8th February Ararat track racing
  • 22nd February Vic Master track racing
  • 8th-9th March Bendigo Madison track racing
  • 12th – 15th March Australian master track champs

As always have a safe week, and “remember, it’s a jungle out there”

Article compiled by Ray Box and the SKCC track riders