Our SKCC women line up on the fence at Disc waiting to be called out to the next race.

Steady as you go this week at SKCC track training with the Cycle Victoria Squad. SKCC members making up 30% of the track riders at these training sessions. Great effort from the SKCC team for supporting these CV track training sessions.

Racing or just training SKCC Track riders are encouraged to wear the SKCC kit. It’s important to support the club and sponsors that support SKCC riders and to do that we encourage all riders to wear the SKCC kit.

SKCC next scheduled track training session (6-8pm) is:
• 21st September 2013- 2nd session under the direction of Shane Kelly
Racing – Open
Plus – Cycle Victoria scheduled track racing (refer CV web site for more details of how to enter)
• 14th September – Kieran racing at Disc
• 19th October – Handi-cap racing at Disc

Remember – Victorian Senior Club Championship are on the 18th January 2014. It’s the big one, the race the squad have been training for. If you want to be part of these titles you need to attend the above training sessions and practice your race skill/drills with your race team. Teams will begin to be formed over the next 2-4 weeks.


Above – Kieran Racing last month at Disc and is back again on the 21st September. If you are not racing (all SKCC track riders should be) then come down to Disc and support the SKCC track riders. Racing starts at 4.30pm and should concludes around 9.00pm


Above – The women jump away very quickly to get on the back of the motor bike in the Kieran race. Being low on the track is and advantage to get to the motor bike first. Second wheel is the preferred spot and that’s exactly where the SKCC rider No105 positions herself.

SKCC scheduled dates for track training (6-8pm) are: –
• 21st September 2013- 2nd session under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 12th October 2013 – 3rd session under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 9th November 2013 – 4th session and final before the titles under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 30th November 2013
• 14th December 2013
• 11th January 2014
• 18th January 2014 Vic Club Track titles
• 25th January 2014 (Tentatively booked)
• 8th February 2014 (Tentatively booked)
• 15th February 2014 (Tentatively booked)

Further details please refer to the SKCC web site.

The only place to warm up on the track before racing is on the rollers. The track is generally closed before races, so warming up is difficult before these events that’s when the rollers come out. So dust the rollers off and get them out as the summers racing calendar has been release and it’s a packed 2013-2014 season of track racing.

The SKCC committee is right behind the track cyclist and with the support of the track committee will be identifying many summer track races the squad will be attending.

Article compiled by Ray Box and the SKCC track riders