Another week goes by and still we are seeing more new SKCC Track riders joining the ranks and file at the Velodrome.

This week we saw another surge of new SKCC riders join the track squad (pictured above). There were a couple of other SKCC riders but they didn’t have their kit on so they missed out on the photo session.

This week’s highlight would have to be Stage 5 of 6 being the “No.5 Track Winter Series” held at Disc last Saturday night.

Out of the fifty riders entered to race on the evening, fourteen were SKCC. Fantastic effort and well supported by SKCC. The racing format for last Saturday night consisted of an opening heart-starter of 10 laps being a progressive points race, followed by two derby races for each rider and then the final scratch race of 25laps.Racing started at 4.30pm and finished at 9.00pm. Pretty well most of the time you are racing or recovering. The evening was full on, without any real breaks to get your breath back.

Looking forward:
SKCC track training sessions are being held on the following evenings. (6-8pm at DISC).
First timers to the track are welcome.
All SKCC riders at these training sessions are encouraged to wear the club kits.

Note – we ask all riders who come to track training and racing please ride in your SKCC kits colours. Riding and training in your kit gives coverage to our great sponsors. If you train and race in your kit your will most likely feature in this newsletter.

A little over one week to go before the next SKCC track training session
Please arrive early as everyone will be on the track warming up on the track at 6.00pm
Scheduled dates are: –
• 17th August 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 21st September 2013 under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 12th October 2013
• 19th October 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 9th November 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 30th November 2013
• 21st December 2013

Further details please refer to the SKCC web site.

Photo above – Garry, Samantha and Trevor warming up on the rollers


Photo above – Steve Sutton, a family of sprinter give his bike one last check before going out to the final race.


SKCC Track riders always sit together, support each other and encourage each other at all race meetings.

Samantha – fourth wheel just sitting in the back watch the race, still three laps out and will be starting to think about where she needs to be to position herself for the final lap.


The start of a Derby race, its three laps from a standing start, the first wheel out is not always the best position as the front rider cut the wind while the other sit on him till the last lap.


Steve’s just rolling down after finishing his race. These races riders hit speeds up to 55km/hr and after the race is over it takes a few laps to slow down, remembering these bikes don’t have any brakes.

Dale third wheelabove, can be seen the second rider has her boxed in. This is a tactic riders use to box the third rider out of the race.


Garry came in after this race and said, “You just don’t realise how hard it is out there. It’s full on.”


Max Osbourne – first night racing and he wins the second race on the track. He’ll be going up a grade from D to C next time he’s at track.


Jim Holland watches over the rider behind him. In these races you have to watch and listen to the rider behind you, as soon as you hear that chain tension you know the rider behind you is going to give it some stick and then its race on.


Ray wastes no time here, 1.5 laps out and he’s away, no point waiting for the others to decide when to go, you have to go when you think you can get to the line at full speed. Ray can go from 2-laps out so riders can’t afford to give him much cause if you do, he’s gone. Unfortunately these two got caught napping and a gap soon opened up.

Trevor rolls up to the start line for the finals. Here you have to rely on the holder to stop you from falling over. Even the most experienced riders can get nervous at the line thinking the holder might drop you. As can be seen from Trevor’s face he’s a little nervous.

The start of the womens derby final. Samantha on the bottom of the track.

“D” grade final scratch race. SKCC riders everywhere.

The big guns roll out. Ray hasn’t got the endurance he used too, but in the sprints or the Derbies he’s a rider you need to watch and not let get away


Trevor Griscti sitting on the back of the train. Two laps to go and the riders are cracking around 55km/hr in the shot. The rider on the front will not be able to hold the speed for more than a lap. Trevor is positioned well to be able the roll the second wheel rider on the last bend coming into the front straight if all goes well.



Article compiled by the SKCC track riders