SKCC Track Training transitioning to Track Execution for 2012-2013 has been strong and consistent and coming off the back of a very good result at the 2012 Victorian Club Track titles SKCC walked away with 4 medals out of 5 events last year. Not a bad result being only our first time we had entered any teams for these titles.

This year a dedicated and consistence team of track riders have continued to train throughout the winter and into the summer for the next Victorian Club track titles which will be held on this Saturday 2nd February 2013 at Disc.

During the year SKCC engaged the services of Shane Kelly to guide and mentor the squad through their evening training program in preparation for this event. Shane guidance and coaching was second to none and the squad members performance and knowledge of the track events and overall racing strategies improved immensely

As we approach the final stages of preparation for the Victorian Club Track event the squad are just putting the final touches to their preparation strategies. Our new SKCC skin suits have cleaned and ironed in preparation for the event. Bikes are in lock down, 1 week out from racing and no one is allowed to touch their bike. With track racing the rules are you decide well before the race how you are going to race and your gear selection. With the team you master the strategies and determine the gearing you are going to use well before the event. With track riding and the power riders deliver through the pedals for the short events any component that may have been moved or adjusted recently has the potential to move or shift. Any movement can potential pull the rider down at the least or the worst the whole squad, remembering these bikes as reaching speeds of up to 70km/hr, and they have no brakes and are fixed gear.


Next Saturday SKCC have assembled seven teams for the Victorian club titles. Four sprint teams and three pursuit teams. Some of the riders rode last year’s titles, but most of the riders are new, have limited track experience and have never entered a Victorian Track Title before.

For the women we have riders: Kathryn Feldmaier, Marita Box and Dale Maizels riding both sprint and pursuit titles.
For the men we have: Trevor Griscti, Ray Box, Heath Christie, Luke Stein, Jim Holland, Tim Chadwick, Matthew Young, Preben Kholer, Troy Van Trienen to name a few.

SKCC has many young riders and for this event we had to shuffle teams/riders around to qualify for the master’s’rs age group using some of our older riders to get the age level over the qualifying level to put the riders in these races. This proved quite difficult as some of the team are riding open instead of the master’s age group as their total age hasn’t been high enough to qualify for master’s category.

For this weekend we wish all the squad the very best in the endeavors to once again show all the other clubs that SKCC is not only one of the best road/crit riding clubs but also has a dedicated and upcoming track group of riders taking on the challenge.

Good luck Track Squad Members for the 2013 Victorian Champs