SKCC Ride2School Photo

SKCC’s own Lizzie Georgeson rolled down to the Albert Park Primary School last Friday to fly the flag for two wheels, and to speak with the juniors about cycling and how wonderful it is! She obviously made an awesome impression, judging by the note from the school:

Thank you both again so much for coming to Albert Park Primary and chatting to our grade 1-4s. It was very entertaining and the kids loved it. Below is the message sent to parents

Today we had a whopping 89% of students riding, scooting, stating or walking to school! Congratulations to our two winners of the HandsUp! Count – both 1IJ Imogen/Jo and 3Z Zeke had 100% active travellers!

A yummy breakfast and great activities (such as bike tube popping thanks to Back2Bikes) were a hit. As well as Back2Bikes we also had the City of Port Phillip and Bicycle Network attend our celebration. Thanks to all for coming along.

Our grades 1-4s were lucky enough to have two great cyclists come and chat to them – thanks to James Mowatt (Data#3 cycling team) and Liz Georgeson (St Kilda Cycling Club / Cycling Australia). The children asked some great questions, and they learned a lot about the joys of cycling and how to stay safe while riding.

Thanks, Liz, and it’s great to see so many young kids riding their bikes to school!