2012 AGM PromoThe 2012 SKCC AGM

WHERE: Ormond Hall, Mowbray St, St Kilda (next to Belgium Beer Cafe).
A special thanks to the SKCC Committee for an outstanding year. The club has continued to grow and meet the changing needs of its members. It is rather humbling to work with such amazingly committed and hard working people. A huge amount of time and effort has been put in by the Committee, all the people on the sub-Committees and everybody who has volunteered during the year. 
A few things stand out for me. The continued growth and support for women’s cycling. the new training rides format and structure, and huge increases in the numbers of members connecting and sharing via facebook, twitter, the newsletter and the website. The club is now the biggest in Victoria (and possibly Australia). It is not the size of the club that matters (jokes aside), but that the club continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its members.  The continued growth of the club suggests that we are doing a lot of things right, but I know that there is always more that can be done. 
As always the Club needs a fresh injection of enthusiasm, ideas and leadership and I invite you to consider making a difference to the Club and sport you love so much. There are two possibilities. Either nominate for a position on the Committee or join one of the six sub-committees. The Club, Committee and sub-committees work meet once a month. The Club has paid Administrator (Julie O’Brien) and Race Administrator (TBA) and we look to ‘outsource’ as many functions as practical; this means the time commitment is less than you probably think and by choosing to be on the Committee or a sub-committee you can make the level of commitment which suits you.
The main Committee comprises 11 positions. There are six sub-committees chaired by the relevant Director from the main committee. Each sub-committee has three to six members. Our Constitution requires that nominations are open to all positions and become vacant at the meeting, however as noted below the following members have indicated their intention to re-nominate for positions and therefore six positions are notionally ‘vacant’.To nominate for a Committee or Sub Committee position, download a nomination form here.
President: Anthony Seipolt 
Race Director: Adrian Vlok
Vice President: Gaelene Snelling 
Social Director: Vacant (Ret. Kristin Kerr)
Secretary: Yvonne Dolphin 
Sponsorship: Peter Hood
Treasurer: Rick Horvat
Communications: Vacant (Ret. Lee Turner)
Womens Director: Gaelene Snelling 
Training Director: Vacant (Ret. Gavin Bryant)
MTB Director: Matt Pieterse
The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the every month and has powers to:
– Control the finances of the Club.
– Appoint sub-committees and to delegate to such sub-committees such powers as they deem necessary.
– Levy, abolish or amend fees.
– Generally apply all such administrative powers as may be necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Club.
The Committee focuses on strategic issues, club planning and direction, while much of the planning and implementation of specific activities is undertaken by sub-committees. In this way the Committee meetings do not get stuck in detail and subcommittees are empowered to plan and make quick decisions. This year we have the critical need to fill the positions of Communications, Social and Training and are looking for passionate and organised members, preferably with with race experience. We also need at least four new people to join the sub-committees. The following provides a brief description of each position, the responsibilities and skills required.
President and Vice-President
The President chairs all AGM, Special and Committee meetings and, in the event of the President being absent, the Vice-President is the chairperson. The President provides a report to the AGM and Committee meetings. The President also plays a broader role representing the Club. Avoiding/resolving any disputes or grievances at the Club, prudent financial management of the Club, ensuring tasks and duties are being undertaken and announcements at various functions. Good organisational, communication, negotiation and people skills are required.
The Treasurer works closely with the Club Administrator to oversee the receipt/payment of all monies on behalf of the Club, report on the financial health of the Club at each Committee meeting, and ensure annual financial returns are completed and submitted. The Treasurer sets budgets for each subcommittee in consultation with its chair and oversees their implementation. An understanding of financial accounting and budgeting is useful.
Race Director
The race director is responsible for the Club’s racing (criterium and road), including ensuring all necessary permits are in place, maintenance of all equipment, liaising with stakeholders and suppliers regarding relevant support services. The Race Director provides a report for the AGM and each Committee meeting. The Race Director prepares and implements a roster of duties at the beginning of the criterium season for race directing, assisting and other duties as required. This role is supported by a paid part-time Race Administrator. Liaison with the person preparing the calendar and newsletter is required. This position requires good organisational skills, the ability to delegate, empower and enrol others.
The Secretary conducts the correspondence of the Club and has the custody of all documents belonging to the Club, keeps a full and correct record of minutes of all proceedings, attends to matters as the Committee may direct. The person must have good written communications skills, be organised and have access to and skills with a computer.
Responsibilities of the six sub-committees are as follows:Race: Plans and organises the club road and criterium racing season calendar; deals with organising the venue, the permit, grading, volunteers, marshals, ambulance, coffee machine etc. For the coming year we are looking for 6 members to join the Race Subcommittee. 3 to assist with criterium racing and 3 to look after our contribution to the Northern Combine over the winter months.Sponsorship:  Secures external club sponsors and investigates ways in which to increase revenue for the club. Responsible for creating and loading of sponsor information on to the website and providing a monthly report to sponsors on the club’s activities.Communication: Coordinates the promotion of the club and it’s events to cyclists and the wider community, via the SKCC website, Facebook and Twitter. Responsible for organising the design, publication and printing of promotional material, compiling the SKCC weekly e-newsletter and maintenance of the SKCC website.Womens: Plans and implements a program of affirmative actions targeted at women cyclists. Includes initiatives such as  the SKCC Women’s race team, the Women’s Development squad, Annual Women’s Breakfast and Networking BBQ, weekly women’s bulletin, Ride Co-ordinator rosters and engaging with new women members. Responsible for creating, loading and maintaining the Women’s pages on the SKCC website.Social: Initiates and organises social activities for club members and their families; Current events include Velo Vendredi’s, BBQ’s, Kids Race, Club Champ awards ceremonies, Xmas drinks and one big annual event such as the Peloton Ball. Works closely with Communications and sponsorship. Responsible for creating, loading and maintaining social function information on to the website.Training: Organises and promotes the clubs recreational & training rides including Monthly Meanders. Co-ordinates Club Pro Training rides, Crit training sessions (Latte Laps) and 2 annual Training Camps with the Club Pro – Rob Crowe of Ridewiser. Responsible for creating, loading and maintaining the training information on the SKCC website.
MTB: Organises and promotes the clubs recreational & training MTB rides including MTB Monthly Meanders. Co-ordinates skills sessions and one annual MTB camp per year with a skills provider. Organises club support and presence at MTB competitive events.
 Please complete the nomination form here and return it to: SKCC SECRETARY by info@skcc.com.au?subject=SKCC%20Committee%20Nominations” target=_blank>email before 12pm Tuesday 28 August 2012 (or post it to PO Box 420 ELWOOD, Vic 3184)