This is a reminder to all our SKCC racing members who are planning to race this Saturday at Lancefield-Newham, that Cycling Victoria has recently implemented a new policy regarding the use of a red light on the rear of competitors’ bikes:

“For all road races which are not run under a rolling road closure or closed road conditions, every participant must wear a solid red light on the back of the seat post of their bike. The light must be operational during the entire race and must be red, prominent and visible from 200 metres. It must be attached to be visible from the rear”

Simon Gwynn, Cycling Victoria’s Road Race Manager sent an email to all Cycling Victoria Commissaires during the week, indicating that each competitor was to be scrutineered before race start to ensure they have a functioning red light on the rear of their bike.

Share the message with your non-SKCC mates who are registering to race this weekend and upcoming weekends and remember to charge your batteries before you race!

Note: This post was changed from “flashing red light” to “solid red light” after feedback. – Ed.