Clare Morgan

I’m a cycling enthusiast: I love riding, and when I’m not on my bike, I love watching, reading and talking about cycling.

I got into cycling in my mid-twenties as a way of getting to and from work. Cycling quickly went from being just a mode of transport to a life passion. I did my first road race about six years ago in my hometown of Perth, and following a lengthy hiatus and a cross-country move, I began racing again at the St Kilda crits last year. I feel like I’m riding and racing better (and smarter) than I ever have before and I’m really keen to see what I can do for my new team.

Coach: Self Coached
Hometown: Heidelberg Heights, Melbourne Victoria

Born in: Perth, Western Australia

Strengths: Endurance, eating (not dancing)

Cycling Since: 2000 – when I bought a Malvern Star mountain bike to ride to work. I was a wannabe BMX Bandit growing up and I’ve been riding competitively, on and off for the past six years.

Hobbies off the Bike: Eating, procrastinating, sleeping. Tinkering with my bikes. Hiking and scuba diving.

Career Highlights:

I don’t have any yet but I plan to change that in 2012.

Favourite racing/cycling memory:

Not getting lapped by Emma Pooley in my first ever criterium.