SKCC Club President Anthony Seipolt deep in the hurt box (photo courtesy of “The Wheeler” Magazine)

Congratulations to all the SKCC guys that went and raced the gruelling 260KM Melbourne to Warrnambool Race on Saturday in horrible conditions. These mighty men were faced with strong head and cross winds with some rain to add to the pain.
SKCC member Steve Waite was first across the line in B Grade and rode and incredible race. There were many great stories of triumph on the day. The club President Anthony Seipolt overcome adversity twice with first puncturing at a critical stage then with 60km’s to go broke two spokes and was forced to ride to the finish with a rubbing buckled wheel.

Lee “Hollywood” Turner was all smiles on the way to sign in. The smile was quickly wiped off his face once the race went into the gutter in the crosswinds (Photo courtesy of “The Wheeler” Magazine)

Tim “Mad Dog” McGrath helped follow SKCC Member Tom Donald of Search 2 Retain as the 2 riders single handily swapped off turns into a driving head wind for 30kms in pursuit of the first major breakaway. It’s amazing to think Tim is 50 next month!!!

Aaron Salisbury and Mark Guirgus rode fantastic and only finished 5 minutes down on the winner.

Of the 210 riders that started only 139 finished.

Tim Claeys from The Wheeler (and SKCC member) downing a Diet Coke at sign-on. Photo courtesy of “The Wheeler” magazine.