The annual members survey has shown a strong demand for more race information, race results on-line and a better grading/ranking system. With more and more riders racing the Club has to look at ways of making racing easier to run, more efficient and professional. With such large fields it has been a real challenge to accurately place up to 10 riders. SKCC can not conduct other race formats where timing is required. Automated electronic timing systems provide an opportunity to address all these issues and we hope provide information members are asking for.

How will the system benefit members? You get access to lots of new race information – for criterium, road and time trials every rider’s lap time, average speed, total time and place can be recorded and instantly become live on internet. You will be able to benchmark your performance and compare it with your friends. Information can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world. You will be able to send facebook/twitter messages/links to friends. Line placing disputes will be a thing of the past as the whole field can be accurately (0.001sec) placed from first to last.  This information can then be used to inform a grading/ranking system based on sound information.

For the last 18 months a working group has been examining a range of timing options and suppliers. In the process we have found other large metropolitan clubs and Cycling Victoria have also been evaluating and testing various timing systems. Consensus has been reached on the preferred hardware and software supplier. The only accurate systems suitable for cycling require each rider to have their own unique ‘active’ transponder on the fork of their bike. The challenge is each battery powered transponder, which lasts five years, costs about $125 or $25 per year. For the system to work, all riders in a field will have to own a transponder, which can be used at other club races and open events where the same system is being used.

The SKCC Committee is reluctant to progress further until we receive consistent feedback that the benefits of the system and the individual rider cost of the transponder represents good value for money and therefore something we should pursue. We are running an on-line poll for two weeks and encourage you to vote.

For more info check out this video from the Hawthorn Cycling Club

Or this link for an example of the reporting you can expect from the proposed Mylaps system