Alison Raaymakers

I’m a 40 something, mother of two who returned to recreational cycling for fitness and weight loss in 2006 and, despite the mountains between St Kilda and Black Rock, remembered how much I enjoyed it!  My first race was late 2007 after participating in an SKCC Coffee Crit (now known as Latte Laps) session with Rob Crowe.  Completely hooked!

Coach: Stuart McKenzie

Hometown: Ripponlea, Victoria

Born in: Warrnambool, Victoria

Strengths: Long, straight downhills

Cycling Since: Childhood (with a couple of long breaks in the middle), competitively since late 2007. 
Hobbies off the Bike: Hobbies? Who has time for them when you’re a working mum and cyclist?  I do enjoy travel, cooking, team sports and textile crafts when I get the time though.

Career Highlights:


1st Victorian Masters IRTT Championship WMAS3

2nd Victorian Metropolitan Road Championship Masters 1/2/3 Women

3rd Victorian Club Road Team Time Trial Championships

Finishing Hell of the West without having to resort to walking up the hill!


2nd World Masters Games Road Race WMAS3

2nd World Masters Games IRTT WMAS3

1st 12th Australian Masters Games Criterium WMAS3

1st 12th Australian Masters Games IRTT WMAS3

1st Victorian Metropolitan Road Championship Masters 1/2/3 Women

2nd SKCC Road Championship, Women’s A grade

2nd SKCC Richardson:O’Rourke four race points series


1st Northern Combine John Morrison Handicap

5th Albert Park Cycling Grand Prix Criterium

Favourite racing/cycling memory:

Standing on the start line of an SKCC crit and realising the company I was keeping – past & present members of both Aus & British National teams; champions, pros and the girls I have coffee with.  I’m still amazed at finding myself riding with these stars! 

Goals on the bike:

To learn more about riding as part of a team, to continue to improve my fitness & reading of race strategy, and to make it back safely for coffee with friends.

When I’m not riding I can be seen…

At Café Racer; behind the scenes in a museum; or running kids around in “Mum’s taxi”.