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We are AWAY fine boys & gals of SKCC!! The casual kit has launched… I repeat, THE CASUAL KIT HAS LAUNCHED!!! Finally the wait for this much anticipated casual kit is over and you may soon spray this sleek, simple and stylish lycra number onto your body and prance around with all the style and panache that we are known for here at St Kilda Cycling Club #highfashion #itsnotjustaboutthebike #blackisback

TO ORDER: Go to and follow the usual order, purchase and delivery process to get your casual kit on the way. Your kit will go into manufacture and production immediately.

All kits ordered by 25th August will be received by the 25th of September and delivered directly to your postal address.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is not available in skin suit as it is not a racing kit. It is for casual, training, social and recreational rides either SKCC clubrides or non SKCC. It is not for crit, road or track racing. Please continue to wear your official club kit at all races, we absolutely love it when you fly the flag in SKCC kit ESPECIALLY at non SKCC races and events!! #clublove

If your quads CANNOT be contained, fear not, for Razor & CS cuts have extra length available, this option can be selected during the ordering process.

The arm warmers are available in TWO styles:
– The Fleece Arm warmer with printed forearm panel
– The Lycra Arm warmer which is fully printed (the light grey one)

CS Vivid is available.
Watch this video to see the benefits of Vivid. Video:

For safety and visibility purposes, design elected to blend a white vest into the kit. White is scientifically proven to provide the highest visibility and whilst we want you to be mega stylish, slimmed in black and ready for the paparazzi… we need you to be VERY SAFE.

For sizing, please note that the material in the tech is Italian Lycra the razor has mix of Italian and Swiss materials and is a tighter fit. Please refer to the ChampSys sizing chart for more information to assist you.

Thank you so very much for your enthusiasm and the overwhelming support for the new casual kit!! We are super stoked and very proud that it has been so well received. Big thanks to Vice President Leigh Parsons for coming up with the idea, Robbie Moore of Bzak Cycling Clothing Design for this cracking design and for guiding it from concept to fruition and Champion Systems for being seriously proactive and reactive with the development process.

GO CRAZY SKCCians!!! We cannot wait to see ya’ll looking slick as in this kit.

Love from your SKCC committee xx

Queries to:
Reese Masita
0430 994 663