Behind any great club such as St Kilda, there are many volunteers working away tirelessly to make the club run as smoothly as our club does. Volunteering is normally something you do expecting nothing in return, just to help out. However, as a regular volunteer, I was pleasantly surprised when I was approached by the committee with the fantastic opportunity to represent my club at the Herald sun tour Corporate time-trial.

I personally just thought it would be me and a couple other local guys representing their clubs and we’d have a bit of a TT and that would be it. However, I was wrong. When the start list came out I couldn’t believe what I was reading! My name was next on the list after the one and only Australian cycling legend Stuart O’Grady. On the day it was all a bit surreal. Not only the environment and atmosphere of the whole event but some of the celebrities that were standing next me me getting a briefing about the upcoming prologue. Including pole-vaulter Steve Hooker and a number of former AFL stars. Physically riding the race was pretty unreal with the number of spectators on the course. In the end it was fun and I finished fourth.

In summary I’d like to thank the St Kilda committee for giving me this opportunity and I would highly recommend volunteering where you can, not only does it help the club run as smoothly as it does, but you never know what opportunities may arise due to lending a helping hand.