Ever tried to access a portaloo on crutches?  Tried to get from a wheelchair into the small cubicle?  Had to attend to a small child in one?  …even just struggled for space when getting back into knicks and jersey after a visit, or looked for somewhere to get changed post race?

SKCC is committed to making cycling accessible to our entire community, and an important part of that is providing facilities at our South Melbourne crit circuit that all members, competitors and spectators can access.  Without a permanent venue, portaloos are an important part of our summer infrastructure…but they pose some difficulties.

We’ve been applying for grants to hire a portable accessible toilet for the circuit and trying to come up with ways the additional expense will fit within our club budget, but have been finding it challenging so are turning to members, and even those from other clubs who race with us regularly.

You can make a difference!  Give up one coffee this week and follow this link to make your pledge. 

In 2 days, the sensational SKCC community have pledged $955 of our $1500 target.  Unfortunately the cut off to have one in place for this week has passed, but with a big effort it can be there for our next race day.


Photos courtesy Peter Shane Monagle