Victorian Club Road Team Time Trial Championships

23 April 2017, Sunday

While we do love a good podium photo, we also love seeing our fantastic SKCC club kit out there having a go!

Find a group of friends and start training now.  (note: they must be on race licences to compete.  3rp and ride licences are not eligible)

Teams of 3 (time taken on 2nd rider) for:

J11/13 (6-8km)
J15 (20-25km)
J17 (25-30km)
Women (45-50km)
Masters Women (45-50km)
JW19 (45-50km)
Masters Men “AGE RESTRICTED (3 riders with a combined age of 135+) (45-50km)

Teams of 4 (time taken on 3rd rider) for:

Elite Men – 50-70km
JM19 (45-50km)
Masters Men “OPEN” (45-50km)


Mixed gender teams are permitted in the following categories:
Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 & Under 17

SKCC will co-ordinate all club entries.  Let us know if you have a team you would like to race with, or if you would like us to help assemble one.

Club Kit
All SKCC teams must be in SKCC kit (order yours now and it will definitely arrive in time)

Registrations / Location
Venue: Trickey’s Diesel Oval, Strauch Reserve
Gungurru Road, Huntly VIC 3551 Australia

Club Sponsors


Major Race Partners