Ridewiser Road Ride – The Olinda Wall

11 May 2019, Saturday   —   11 May 2019, Saturday

What: The Olinda Wall Ride (Ridewiser).
When: 11th May (7:30am).
Where: Rowville Shops.

‘Great Road Courses’ exclusively provided to SKCC Members –

  • Rob Crowe Olympic Cyclist Lead Rider with Ridewiser Support ‘domestique’.
  • Roadside Briefings x 3 on skills to develop and best training practices.
  • Developmental rider pace so you complete the harder sections at your own pace.
  • Cycling-friendly route design on back mountain roads you’ve never seen!
  • Great coffee spot + optional lunch back in Rowville.
  • Brought to you by Rob Crowe SKCC ClubPro.

Registration details are to follow, so please keep an eye on the Ridewiser website.

RideWiser booking and information link…here.

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