Amy Woods (SKCC member) and Gemma Whelan have recently completed their Level 1 ISAK Anthropometry qualifications, and in order to gain accreditation with the international governing body, they need 20 VOLUNTEERS to take skinfold, girth and bone breadth measurements on.

What does this involve?
Subjects will wear minimal clothing (singlets and shorts acceptable).

Biro pen will be used to mark small lines and dots over certain anatomical landmarks on the right side of the subject’s body, and skinfold calipers will be used to take the measurement at 7 sites (bicep, tricep, bottom of shoulder blade, iliac crest, abdominal, quadricep, medial calf).

A small metal tape will be used to take girth measurements of the arm, waist, hips and medial calf.

Bone calipers will be used to take a measurement of the width of the subject’s right knee and elbow.

Subjects will have each measurement taken TWICE (occasionally a THIRD measurement might be taken to ensure accuracy of results). Subjects will then receive via email a digital report of their measurements for personal reference.

They will be at the SKCC Crits at Port Melbourne on Sunday 26th Feb from 9:30am.

Please email if you are interested.