COVID-19 update: We are optimistic that club rides may return with the forecast further easing of restrictions from 20th July 2020. We will keep you posted. In preparation for the return of club rides please keep an eye out in your emails for a Survey Monkey in relation to what club rides you’d like to see in the future. Your feedback will be vital to shaping the club moving forward.

People New to Cycling: There has been a substantial uptake of cycling as a result of COVID-19. As you return to cycling on our roads, please keep a look out for and look after new cyclists. There has been a steady increase of new commuters which is only likely to continue as people return to work and want avoid public transport. Consider what support you can offer these riders, it may be a great opportunity to encourage them to join a cycling club to improve their cycling safety.

Ride International – collaboration  long term member Pat Fitzpatrick in partnership with Phil Anderson organising some exciting ride opportunities. Will provide further information when details become available.

SKCC social media and newsletter content: If you have some interesting news (racing or otherwise) that you would like shared either through our social media or in the newsletter please email