We are excited that the Victorian Government has easing restrictions to allow a return to club training rides. However we also wish to balance fitness, current skill levels and some member concerns, and so have opted to take a slow and steady return to full club activities.  Please keep an eye on Team App, News and Facebook posts for further updates.

Vaccination requirements
In returning to club activities, we are required to comply with the latest Victorian Government roadmap and health orders. These mandate that all members are fully vaccinated to be able to participate in any club activity. This applies to all members, excluding those aged under 12 and those who have a valid medical exemption.

We respect our members right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. Unfortunately, if you choose not to be vaccinated, you will not be able to participate in club training rides under the current health orders. However, we hope that members who do not wish to be vaccinated will retain their membership on the basis they can return to club activities should the vaccination mandate be removed in the future.

There are four acceptable methods for proving your vaccination status:

1. Your Service Victoria app or Medicare app shows your COVID-19 digital certificate
2. You have a hard copy of your certificate issued by Medicare
3. You have a valid exemption

The club respects the health information privacy of its members whilst also having obligations to comply with the Privacy Act. Accordingly, the club will not accept digital health records of members by email. Any vaccination record received this way will not be actioned and will be deleted.  NB:  Please do not email or text vaccination certificates

The club also has regard to the fantastic job that our volunteer road ride leaders perform and do not wish to burden them with the obligation of checking vaccination status before a ride.

So what happens next? To make the situation easy, the club only requires that a member’s vaccination status is validated once. This will done in person or visually over zoom by SKCC Covid Officers (Alison Raaymakers and Anna Legg).

Once your vaccination status is validated you will be added a new group in Team App “2X SKCC COVIDSafe” – and this group is the only group that can access club rides. You will now be able to use Team App per normal, which we think worked well in the past. Please RSVP to each ride via the Team App and the ride leaders will take attendance at the start of each ride as they did before. This allows the club to comply with (more) health orders that require a record of all ride attendees.

A reminder if you change your mind about attending a ride can you please change your attendance to “No” to allow people on the waiting list to attend.

If you wish to attend a club ride and want to have your vaccination status validated please email SKCC info and we will schedule a zoom session with you.

Please remember we are all volunteers and we all love riding. We are all trying to do the best to navigate health orders and legal requirements while providing safe riding opportunities.

Look forward to seeing you out on the road and in person again very soon.