In the spirit of friendly rivalry CCCC and SKCC introduced an annual inter-club challenge two years ago with the winner taking home this shield and bragging rights for 12 months. In the 2015/16 & 2016/17 seasons SKCC has retained the shield and CCCC would love to take it!

The first of 5 rounds for 2017/18 season will be held on Sunday 26th of November at the Glenvale Crescent circuit, hosted by Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club.


How do we win and make sure we keep the shield? 

Every SKCC or CCCC member that podiums on the dates below will earn points for their club as follows:

  • At CCCC points will be awarded for places 1-3 for Mixed grades A-D (see Rules below for women earning points in mixed grades)
  • At SKCC points will be awarded for places 1-3 for Men’s grades A-D and Women’s A-C.
  • The winning club will be the club which amasses the most points over the five races.

The 5 rounds are –

  • Race 1 – 26 Nov 2017  at CCCC circuit at Glenvale Crescent
  • Race 2 – 14 Jan 2017 at SKCC circuit at South Melbourne
  • Race 3 – 21 Jan 2018 at CCCC circuit at Glenvale Crescent
  • Race 4 – 11 March 2018 at CCCC circuit at Glenvale Crescent
  • Race 5 – 18 March 2018 at SKCC circuit at South Melbourne or Albert Park


  1. Racing on the day is open to all comers and normal club prize money policies will apply.
  2. The Challenge Shield will be awarded to the club which earns the most points over the five event series.
  3. Points will be allocated to any CCCC or SKCC member (eligible riders) who place first second or third in the following Grades:
    At St Kilda (Sth Melbourne): Men’s A,B,C & D grades, Women’s A,B & C grades.
    At Carnegie Caulfield (Glenvale Crescent): mixed A,B,C & D grades. Women in these grades can earn points on the basis:
    – 10+ women 1st to 3rd places,
    – 5 – 9 women 1st & 2nd places,
    – 2 – 4 riders 1st place only and
    – For a single rider, no points.
  4. No points will be awarded to a member of another club, rider with a license from another country, or 3 ride permit holder.
  5. If a place is taken by an ineligible rider no points will be allocated for that place.
  6. Points are allocated as:
    1st place: 4 points
    2nd place: 2 points
    3rd place: 1 point.
  7. Riders will ride in the grades they would normally be graded to by the host club.
  8. Entries are as per the usual entry procedure for each club.