Who said racing was hard. Carrie Lim has time for a smile before she went on to win Women’s C. Her squeal as she crossed the line was so loud it put Sharapova to shame.

Apologies for no race report this week as I was away and it’s too hard to make the whole thing up but I’ll be back this week for Race 4 of the Bike Force Points Series final race.

Men’s A Grade (53 starters)
1. Rico Rogers (SKCC)
2. David Loakes (SKCC)
3. Nicholas Walker (CCCC)
4. Brenton Jones (Warragul)
5. Liam Kelly (Interstate)

The B Grade Boys strung out

Women’s A Grade (16 starters)
1. Jenny MacPherson (SKCC)
2. Emma Mackie (Interstate)

All class. Jo Hogan being tightly watched by Carly Williams

B Grade (52 starters)
1. James Dunn (SKCC)
2. Sam Pickering (SKCC)
3. Ash Abdou (SKCC)
4. Dan Wilkins (SKCC)
5. Tony Giuliano (Brunswick)

Kat Lee looking smooth and focused in Women’s B with superstar Danielle Ahern close behind

Women’s B Grade (9 starters)
1. Danielle Ahern (SKCC)
2. Nicole Schneller (SKCC)

Winners are grinners. Carrie Lim & Danielle Ahern

C Grade (36 starters)
1. Peter Effeney (SKCC)
2. Martin Fluker (Footscray)
3. Christopher Dalmagas

Brad Speller (AKA The Magnet) putting the bunch deep in the hurt box

Women’s C Grade (9 starters)
1. Carrie Lim (SKCC)
2. Alison West (CCCC)

Rob Crowe showing off a bit of quad

D Grade (35 starters)
1. Lachlan McLeod (Brunswick)
2. Christopher McKay (SKCC)
3. Leone Brunato (Footscray)

Leigh Clifford working hard for his Canard team

E Grade (11 starters)
1. Doug Hunt (3RP)
2. Matt Fletcher (3RP)

Patrick’s moustache reminds me off the moustaches in the movies I used to watch in the 80’s 🙂

Total Rush Pink domination!!

Jeff Proven shows he doesn’t only look good but he’s still got it.

A special thanks to Kristy Baxter and Marissa Farrell for the awesome shots.

Next week is massive as we have the 4thand final race of the Bike Force points series where it’s all up for grabs plus Bike Force are giving away a heap of prizes.