Attention Cyclists 2017 Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix Bulletin #1

Grand Prix Works at Albert Park
Please be aware that for the period from now until the end of April 2017, AGPC contractors will be conducting building and civil works in and around Albert Park which may create hazards for cyclists.
The hazards include
• • speed bumps
• • water filled barriers
• • crowd control barriers, fencing and plant and equipment.
• • green timber bollards

The building and civil works will require temporary traffic stoppages which are signposted at each individual work area. There may be multiple stoppages required at any time.

**PLEASE NOTE: Aughtie Drive (Pit Straight) is closed to all road users from 14 to 16th February from 7am**

Of particular concern, has been bicycle incidents along Aughtie Walk (the shared pathway between the Carousel carpark and Aughtie Drive). We have removed the speed humps here however this is under constant review due to construction requirements.

You can also take steps to avoid injury by remaining vigilant for construction works and signage around Albert Park and communicate these matters amongst yourselves prior to and/or during your cycling activities.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned directly should you have any concerns or additional suggestions to improve cyclist safety in Albert Park.

David Smith Cassie Chadwick
Senior Site Manager Site Safety Manager
Ph 0414 806 271 Ph 0402 353 105