Sadly, the season is over, but before you know it we’ll emerge from another winter of training and road racing, hopefully stronger for the next criterium race season.

The club would like to extend its thanks to everyone who made the day so enjoyable – the race-day volunteers, the sponsors and above all YOU, the riders. Check out the club’s Facebook page for lots of photos of the day. There are some fantastic pictures from some very talented snappers!

Without further ado, here are the winners and grinners. Salutamus vos.

Men’s Club Championship
1. Shannon Johnson
2. Rico Rogers
3. David Loakes

Women’s Club Championship
1. Jenny MacPherson
2. Elizabeth Doueal
3. Bridie O’Donnell

 Junior Girls (4 riders)
1. Olivia Schenck
2. Isla Bradbury
3. Neve Bradbury

Junior Boys (3 riders)
1. Kelland O’Brien
2. Harrison McClimont
3. Sam Bradbury

Paracyclists (3 riders)
1. Stuart Tripp (Handcyclist)
2. Casey Hyde (Tandem)
3. Carole Cooke (Trike)

Men MAS6 + (2 riders)
1. Brad Speller
2. Jeff Provan

Women MAS 4/5 (6 riders)
1. Dale Maizels
2. Annie Mollison
3. Jo O’Shaughnessy

Men Mas 4/5 (16 riders)
1. Tim McGrath 
2. Scott Rush
3. Malachi Moxon

Women MAS 2/3 (11 riders)
1. Jenny MacPherson
2. Bridie O’Donnell
3. Kelly Bartlett

Men MAS 2/3 (48 riders)
1. Rico Rogers
2. David Loakes
3. Duncan Smith




This year’s Club Criterium Championship was blessed with beautiful weather, great racing and an awesome atmosphere. There were plenty of free egg and bacon sandwiches and sangers to keep everyone fed from our generous sponsor PhysioHealth, while the coffee flowed from the Rapha van. It was the perfect morning to catch up with friends and meet some of our sponsors, like the team from Total Rush, Mark Isaacs from Champion System and our enduring SKCC members, Jeff Provan from Neometro and Robbie Moore from Omega Advertising.
When you collected your race number, you might have noticed some business cards for Health.com.au. That’s about the limit of paper promotional material from this online health insurance provider. If you want to know more and save money on health insurance, check it out on the internet @, of course, Health.com.au. And as you headed into the first lap of your race, I bet you were thankful for the Skoda keeping it controlled out the front. I know there was one happy man enjoying the ride, or should I say the drive. At least on this race day you could feel confident that Pro-Motion Bicycles were there to ensure if your wheels let you down, you could stay in the race.