VRAAM & VRAW – The Course

VRAAM – 4,542km (total elevation gain of 73,739m)

VRAW – 1,529km (total elevation gain 25,371m)

Assisted by RAAM Race Director, Rick Boethling, they have matched the profile of the real course, as far as possible. They have managed to film the start at Oceanside California so riders will start riding on the actual RAAM course.


There will be more total ascent in the course than RAAM or RAW. Although virtual riders won’t get the headwinds, the rain, the cold, the heat or any bumpy roads the ride is staying true to the spirit of RAAM in its first virtual edition.

VRAAM is over a total distance of 4,542km with a total elevation gain of 73,739m. The cumulative ride duration (the time ride it took the rider who was filming the segment to ride it) is 185hr 22minutes 50secs. So if riders ride at the same speed as it was filmed then they would need to ride about 15hrs per day for 12 days to complete VRAAM.

VRAW is over a total distance of 1,529km with a total elevation gain of 25,371m. The cumulative ride duration (time it took the rider to film) is 65hr 23minutes 44secs. So if riders ride at the same speed as it was filmed then and they would need to ride for 15hrs per day it would take them just under 4.5 days to complete VRAW.

The time cut-off for both VRAAM and VRAW is 12 days. All distances and elevation gains are approximate.

SKCC’s Michael Leung is at again. This week Michael is racing VRAW, he is one of only 6 Aussies in the event. Michael does have to juggle racing on top of working and has been training big on zwift to get those climbing legs in tune, you’ve only got 25,000m to climb!! His Nullaboring event certainly gave him the endurance training needed, he’s just got to put it all together now.

You can follow his progress using this Link. http://www.revolve24.com/VRAW-LEADERBOARD 

A big shout out to Michael!!! Just wondering what’s next on his agenda ?