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All Riders participating in SKCC Club Rides are required to do 3 things.

  1. Carry your membership card on you at all times. It should have your emergency contact details recorded on it, just in case.
  2. Be very familiar with the Rules and Etiquette of bunch rides. We rely on all riders abiding by these. People riding unsafely put themselves and their fellow Club members at unnecessary risk and wont be tolerated on SKCC Club Rides.
  3. Follow The 3 guiding principles of all our Club Rides:
    1. SAFE (act within the law, signal clearly to others, no overlapping wheels etc])
    2. SMOOTH (be predictable and practice the discipline of steady line and pace and not surging or chasing passing groups)
    3. STYLISH (both representing the club in kit and by being conscious of, and refining your riding style – it also conveys the message that you’re a safe rider)

As a club, the road is effectively our club room and we aim for a high standard of riding behaviour. By wearing the kit you become a representative of your club and we expect appropriate behaviour from club members. If you encounter any anti-social behaviour whilst on any of our SKCC Club Rides, please send your feedback directly to training@skcc.com.au. We will action all feedback with due respect.


Within SKCC’s ranks we are blessed to have some committed club members who generously give their time to the initiatives that the Club introduce. Ride co-ordinators and ride leaders ensure new club members are welcomed and made to feel a part of this great Club. Senior SKCC members make up this core of dedicated volunteers keen to make the SKCC experience a positive one for new and existing SKCC members. The activities of this group are co-ordinated by our training sub-committee.


Ride Leader(s)


Alison Raaymakers, 

Monday Morning Chicks Ride


Kay Doidge, Micheal Leung

Northside Revive Ride

Leann Jones

Tear Away Tuesday

Helen Johnson, Carol Cooke, Kay Doidge 

Tuesday She Rides On The Boulie


Ben Healey

SKCC Kit Training Ride.  SKCC kit mandatory

Alison Raaymakers, Carol Cooke, Helen Johnson 

Wednesday 6:00am Women’s Ride

Alison Raaymakers

Friday 6am Mixed Beginners Ride

Various SKCC Teams
(coordinated by the SKCC Social Sub committee)

Velo Vendredi (usually the last Friday of the month)

Alison Raaymakers

Velo Vendredi Lite (usually the last Friday of the Month, to time with Velo Vendredi)


For those contemplating joining SKCC, you are welcome to join one or two of these rides as a trial before committing to joining SKCC……just let Alison Raaymakers know (via info@skcc.com.au) before you do, so the club can let the ride leader know to expect you.

As a response to COVID-19, and to meet our contact tracing obligations, SKCC is now using Team App for all our ride planning and registration.  Head to our Team App, create an account for yourself and ask to join either “SKCC members” or “Friends of SKCC (non-members)” groups so you can see and register for rides.

Monday 5:45am North Side Revive

Route Mostly flat loop around Abbottsford, Burnley and Richmond.
Day / Time Monday, 5:45am in Fitzroy or 6:10 in Federation Square
Ride Frequency Weekly
Meeting Point Uncle Drew Cafe 23 Groom St, Clifton Hill VIC 3068
Ride Leader Kay Doidge, Michael Leung
To North Side Reveive Route
Distance 26km
Pace Easy (26-28 km/h)

This ride provides a recovery paced option on the north side of the Yarra. As always, SKCC kit is preferred (it makes us more identifiable and we look cool), but you’re free to join in wearing any kit.

Tearaway Tuesday 5:45am – KIT RIDE

This ride is for those with a reasonable base fitness. The format is mixed up a bit each week with changes in tempo (efforts) and the inevitable sprint up Reserve Rd.

Route Reserve Rd loop with designated effort points for the return
Day / Time Tuesday, 5:45am
Ride Frequency Weekly
Meeting Point Reserve at the rear of Luna Park
Ride Leader Leann Jones
To Reserve Rd/Balcombe Rd, just past Black Rock
Distance 35km
Pace  30-35km/h (tail winds excepted)


There are three designated efforts on the way home, the purpose of this ride is to help riders expand their “tool kit” and exercise their ability to change pace….Which will mean burning the legs and expanding the lungs at three points during the ride:
  1. After turning left into Reserve Rd riders can “choose their adventure’ and attack the rises at their leisure, then turning left into Balcombe Rd where riders can continue with their effort. BUT we all regroup at Black Rock clock tower before we head home and split into 3 groups for the ride home.
  2. Second effort starts at the pedestrian lights at the Sandy pub, riders continue up over the rise to the tennis courts on the right…..Riders regroup with their assigned group.
  3. Third effort takes off at Milanos (just past South Rd), a longer effort up OVER the rise and finishing where the road changes colour, once again regrouping once the effort is done (but please don’t stop pedaling as there are other riders on the road!)
This ride is about change of pace not just a long speed fest heading home. And remember safety always comes first!
Information about this ride will be posted on the SKCC Women’s Facebook page by ride coordinator, Leann Jones each week.


Wednesday 5:45am SKCC – KIT RIDE

Route Mordialloc, Sharp U-turn, finish at Little Red Bluff Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood
Day / Time Wednesday, 5:45am
Ride Frequency Weekly
Meeting Point Reserve at the rear of Luna Park
Ride Leader  Ben Healey
To Mordialloc
Distance 43km


Moderate down (30-33km/h with no wind – social turns),
Mid-fast back (40-45km/h with no wind – fast rolling turns)

The ride:

This training ride is for SKCC members who are fit and experienced. The ride departs from Soul Racer at 5:45am each Wednesday. The trip down is a comfortable warm-up in the small chain-ring between 30-33km/h (with no wind). Easy to moderate effort. The return trip moves along at 40-45km/h (big chain-ring) and is a hard effort. Quite often we’ll have a gate-keeper who’ll sit behind the riders rolling turns, and other riders will sit in behind the gate-keeper.

Compulsory kit:
You need to be wearing SKCC kit to roll turns. This makes the bunch much easier to identify, and it keeps the rolling turns closed to riders whom we know. This makes it safer for all as well. Anyone not wearing SKCC kit is welcome to sit on the back of the bunch. It’s for everyone’s safety and skill improvement, and remember to be nice about asking non-kit riders to sit out of the kit paceline!

Respect for other bunches:
One of the characteristics of this ride is that it shares the road with at least 2 other fast paced bunches heading North on Beach Rd at about the same time. This requires us to be very mindful when passing and being passed by other groups. SKCC riders should stay as a group and respect allow other rides plenty of space. If you ever need to communicate with other groups on the road be courteous and respectful.

Friday 6:00am Mixed Introductory Ride     

Route Black Rock roundabout, return, finish at LIttle Red Bluff Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood
Day / Time Friday, 6:00am
Ride Frequency Weekly
Meeting Point Little Red Bluff Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood – out the front
Ride Leader Alison Raaymakers
To Black Rock
Distance 30km
Pace Easy (approx. 25-28km/h with no wind – no drop)

The Friday 6am Mixed Introductory ride is perfect for those who are new to the sport! Alison leads this ride every Friday from Little Red Bluff Cafe. The pace is set by the slowest rider, and it’s a no-drop ride. On a still morning you will roll at approximately 25-28km/h to the Black Rock roundabout and back to St Kilda. The aim of this ride is to learn how to ride two abreast, and learn all those bike and bunch riding skills that will enable you to be safe, smooth and stylish!

As always, SKCC kit is preferred, but the key here is to wear your best and look your sharpest!

Friday 6:30am Zwift Ride

Route Route based on Zwift catalogue and will be selected by the Zwift Meetup host and advertised each week ahead of the ride!
Day / Time Friday, 6:30 – 7:30am
Ride Frequency Weekly
Meeting Point Join from the comfort of your loungeroom or wherever you have your Zwift pain/sweat cave set up!
Ride Leader Zwift meetups created by Adrian Best and/or Lisa Byrne
Distance Approximately 30km or 1 hr, depending which route is selected
Pace The intensity of the ride is up to you as the Green Band will be activated.  This means that everyone stays together and this is a virtual no-drop ride regardless of power output.  You’ll be able to draft and move around in the group without any fear of being dropped unless you stop pedalling.
SKCC kit for your Zwift avatar is preferred (it makes us more identifiable and we look cool), but you’re free to join in wearing any kit. To access the SKCC Kit in Zwift you’ll need to use a computer with a keyboard.  Enter the Zwift garage, hit P, and enter the code STKILDA2015KIT

We will use a discord channel to chat to each other, so have your sport headphones handy.  The actual discord channel we use will be advertised with the route selected by the ride leader each week.


Monthly Velo Vendredi (VV) with special guests (Friday 5:45am)

Route Mordialloc, Sharp U-turn, finish at Little Red Bluff Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood
Day / Time Friday, 5:45am (last Friday of the month when run)
Ride Frequency Monthly as advertised in the SKCC newsletter
Meeting Point Little Red Bluff Cafe, cnr Glenhuntly and Ormond Rds, Elwood – out the front
Ride Leader Lead group will change – see SKCC newsletter
To Mordialloc
Distance 43km
Pace Dependent on special guests – anything from 30-45kmph. Mix of social and constant rolling turns.

The Velo Vendredi is an SKCC Classic! Velo Vendredi is French for Bike Friday. It’s led by a guest group or team, and the ride down is a baseline paced ride (typically small chain ring two abreast to Mordialloc at around 30km/h average pace on a still morning). The return ride is quite a bit faster (around low to mid 40s on a still day), so we’ll often break it into two groups when we reach Mordialloc for the less fit or speed inclined to have a return ride option that’s more in line with the coffee cruise theme. In addition, if there are enough people interested, we’ll often have a third option VV Lite that involves an easy (28km/h on a still day) ride to Black Rock so that everyone gets back to the finish for the all-important coffee and laughs afterwards!

As always, SKCC kit is preferred, but the key here is to wear your best and look your sharpest!

Monthly Velo Vendredi (VV) Lite (Friday 5:47am)

This ride is the same ride plan as the regular Friday ride to Black Rock (see below) but leaving at 5:47am to join the club fun on VV week. VV Lite has a short ride briefing immediately after the main bunch leaves, rolling out 2 minutes later, and getting back about the same time to join the post ride fun and free coffee at Little Red Bluff Cafe

Other weekday or weekend training rides

The club also organises other training rides in addition to the rides listed above (eg: training rides leading up to the Around the Bay in a Day), and these will be updated on this page when they are being offered, as well as being notified in the SKCC newsletters and on the SKCC Facebook page.

Women’s specific training rides

We have a whole schedule of women’s specific training and social rides. If you’re interested, please check them out on the women’s rides pages.