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In the interests of your safety, a criterium grading system was implemented in 2012 with the intent of ensuring riders enter a grade commensurate with their level of skill. More particularly that they do not enter a grade for which they lack sufficient skill.

SKCC then set about to grade every rider who had raced criterium at the Club in the  two years (2010 / 2011) based on information we had on grade(s) entered and finishing results. Riders fall into four categories:

– Rider’s current grade is CONFIRMED.

– Rider’s current grade is PROVISIONAL and we need more information.

– Rider is RELEGATED to a lower grade.

– Rider is PROMOTED to a higher grade.





Please click on the link below to find out your grade and which one of the four categories you fit into. Current Grading Link


After you have checked out the grading sheets you will be in one of two places:

1.  Riders who are provisional will be required to fill in the online GRADING FORM next time you attempt to enter a criterium race. If you are unable to provide evidence (see grading policy criteria below) to support your provisional grade you will be relegated to a lower grade and unable to enter the grade you wish to race on the day. To avoid disappointment fill in the GRADING FORM by 5pm the Wednesday before you wish to race.

2.  You can’t find your name. You are probably a new member, have never raced at SKCC in South Melbourne or we have slipped up. Either way complete the online GRADING FORM and complete it with factual information (read the Grading Policy below) by 5pm the Wednesday before you wish to race.


1. Changes to a grade and grade allocations will be based on the following criteria: 

–  A rider will be considered for promotion or allowed to enter a grade where they have achieved a place in the grade below, and have to objectivley demonstrate an appropriate level of race skill and competence. Where a rider achieves a place but there is uncertainty regarding adequate skill that rider might be promoted by prevented from participating in attacks and the finish.

–  Promotions and grade allocations will be based on results at SKCC criterium events. While consideration may be given to places at other criterium races and cycle sports, it is your ability to handle the racing at SKCC’s criterium circuit that is of primary importance. The average speed, skill and fitness required to compete in a grade at SKCC is not the same as at other events.

–  Requests for relegation because of interruptions to training levels, colds, because ‘my coach said’ will not be considered. The grades are not there to enable a rider to get a high placing even though they haven’t trained; aren’t feeling well; or feel like a training ride. If you haven’t trained much, or are feeling unwell, you can expect to have a tough race and be unlikely to score a place until you are in better form – that’s racing! If you want to enter a race for training, don’t, save the money and head to Beach Road instead.

– Relegation will be considered because of seniority and permanent medical condition.

2. Riders cannot self relegate or promote themselves (temporarily or permanently).

3.  On race day, NO changes will be considered to a rider’s existing allocated grade. Your grade will be locked into the computer registration system.

4. Riders may request a change in grade. Complete the online GRADING FORM with factual information by 5pm the Wednesday before you wish to race. You will not be advised of the decision by email. Please check the grading link for any update to your grade.

5.  Riders who seek to race for the first time in A, B or C grade must complete the GRADING FORM. The Club Grader, Race Director or Race Commissaire will decide which grade you can enter. Subject to finishing, results and a rider’s demonstrated skill a permanent grade will confirmed.

6. Riders who have never raced or raced less that three criteriums elsewhere will only be able to enter E Grade. Read our First Time Guide to Criterium Racing and Your First Race. E(entry) Grade is intended for people with little or no experience. E Grade is supervised by experienced Total Rush riders who will assist with riding and racing skills.

PLEASE NOTE: There is only ONE way to provide information to the handicappers and that is by completing the Grading Form and submitting as required. Our handicappers are non-paid volunteers – please do not expect them to respond immediately. Grading forms are assessed Wed / Thursday and any updates are online by Friday. Check the grading link FIRST before corresponding with the handicappers. Many thanks.