Total Rush Mens Racing 03

The Total Rush Teams Race Series kicks off this Sunday the 15th of Feb.

Entries close at 6m on Saturday, 14th of Feb, so get your entries in online!

We’ve been fielding plenty of questions, which we’ve covered here with some answers to the key FAQs!

Question 1.
I don’t have a team, can I still enter as an individual ?
YES, if you enter online via the SKCC website just skip over the field that asks for your team name. If you enter on the day, it’s just the normal process.

Question 2.
How do I register a team ?
Team members just enter online as individuals just like a normal crit day. Except this week the online entry form asks you for a team name. Get your team riders to put your agreed team name into that field.
NB: We can take team entries on the day if you don’t enter online. See Gaelene at registration desk.

Question 3.
How many riders in a team, and do we need to wear the same kit ?
4-6 riders makes a team. You’re encouraged to wear the same jersey, but it’s not mandatory

Question 4.
Which grades are having a teams race ? And do all team members have to be in the same grade ?
Men’s A, B, C & D and Women’s A, B, C can participate in this contest.
Yes, all team members must be in the same grade. Grading rules apply just as they do every week, so no riders will be able to drop a grade or go up a grade so that they can race in someone’s team.

Question 5.
What if some of our team members can’t make it on one of the days ?
As long as your team members are all graded to race in the grade your team is entered into you can swap them in and out at will. In fact you could end up with 6 completely different riders in the last race of the series than what you started with in the first race of the series.
BUT, they must be registered to race in your team !
You can’t come to reg desk after the race and add riders to your team.

Question 6.
How does the team earn points ?

  1. The first five riders over the line in each grade are noted. If any of those first five riders are in a team their team is awarded points according to their placing. 10 for first, 9 for second, 8 for third, 7 for fourth, 6 for fifth
  2. One intermediate sprint which gives the winner 5 points for their team
  3. Every rider in your team earns one point for getting to the start line. So if you field a team of six riders over all three races……you’ve earned 18 points for your team.

Question 7.
Is this a series or a one off and what’s the prize ?
This is a series of three races held on the 15/2 (this weekend), 1st March and 29th March.
There is one $500 prize envelope (not one $500 envelope per grade) This is awarded to the team who accumulates the most points over the series over all grades.

Question 8.
Are there any other rules ?
Well, if any teams tie with the same amount of points a count back system will be used to determine the winning team.
And one other rule…..for grades with less than 30 riders points will be awarded down to 4th place, less than 20 riders down to 3rd place, less than 10 riders down to 2nd place.