SKCC Womens Ride 2015


SKCC are very proud to be a supporter and contributor to the inaugural Women’s ride to be held on Sunday 12th April 2015.
SKCC have had big focus on women’s cycling over the past 5 or so years and we’re super keen to support others that are now doing the same and encouraging more women onto their bikes, have some fun and doing something positive for our health and fitness at the same time!

What is “The Women’s Ride”?

The Women’s Ride is a single day celebration of women’s riding.  It’s Victoria’s first mass participation riding event designed especially for women. We are inviting individuals, organisations, clubs, social riding groups, bike shops or groups of friends to submit a ride or event taking place on 12 April 2015.

How is SKCC involved?

SKCC are lending their support to this inaugural statewide event advocating for an increased presence for women in all forms of cycling participation.  SKCC are running two rides both of which will finish at The Great Provider, one of numerous “hubs” around Victoria.
The theme of the “hub”, located at The Great Provider is “How do we get more women riding?” and the organisers describe this function as “Start where SheSpoke left off and join us for champagne breakfast at a RSVP-only event. With speakers – Q&A style at 11am – exploring the themes of women, empowerment and everyday riding. Meet others, share stories, be inspired and join the conversation. Skills and bike maintenance sessions to follow. Everyone is welcome”.
The two rides are St Kilda Cycling Club Women’s Ride and Breeze Along the Boulie Women’s Ride and details are listed on the website:
Get involved!

We’d love our female members and supporters to participate in our rides and bring your female friends!  Register your interest via the website via the links above.
If you have any queries or would like to find out more, visit the website or you can call or email Lisa Byrne (0409 230 812 or, one of the SKCC members assisting with the SKCC involvement in this great event.