The Herald Sun is looking for six cyclists (male and female) to give their view/verdict on the Lance issue after watching the Oprah interview from 1pm to 3.30pm on Friday on Foxtel.
The Herald Sun will contact each of the six riders by phone after the interview. This will ensure that your views will make Saturday mornings paper.

The cyclists are also required for a photo shoot, in full lycra, with bikes, in different coloured jerseys for visual appeal, (at least one SKCC jersey please J). If you’ve got a polka dot or yellow jersey, even better. The photo shoot would take place tomorrow or at the very latest Friday morning.

This is going to form the main part of the Herald Sun’s coverage on Lance’s interview with Oprah.

The commitment summarised:
·   Available tomorrow or Friday morning latest for a group photo shoot in lycra and with bike
·   Give a 100% guarantee that they will watch the Lance/Oprah interview from 1pm to 3.30pm this Friday (Foxtel, Discovery channel)
·   Be available and contactable by phone immediately after the interview to give your verdict once it’s over
·   Provide your name, age, length of time cycling, club membership, mobile phone number.

SKCC Committee member Andrew Gooding is wanting to be involved so that he has a legitimate excuse to watch the interview, so interested parties can contact Andrew on 0419 594 421 or agooding@choicecapital.com. Andrew will liase with the Herald Sun.