Last Sunday saw the second running of the Dirty Grand Fondo, an event that is quickly growing as a unique event on the Victorian cycling calendar. The race format is unusual – it is all off road, but all on dirt road or forest 4WD track, without any technical single track. This makes the race suitable for both cyclocross and mountain bikes. With 3 distance options, a choice of bike type, and a great friendly atmosphere at the event it is easy to see why so many couldn’t resist the challenge.

Whilst cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes technically compete in separate categories, the race was still very much on for the fastest times of the day. The different characteristics of the various bike types makes for a unique tactical race as you try to extract maximum advantage from your chosen wheels. Riding an MTB? Then the rougher downhills are the place to attack. Riding CX – then the long smoother dirt road drags will play to your advantage!

The day was a great day out for the club with a huge number of our members giving the race a shot across many of the distance options and bike types. I’m sure all will be back next year.
Left to Right:  Rebecca Locke, Naomi Williams, Jenny Macpherson, Nicole Whitburn and Tracey Duggan