It was a great night track training last Saturday.
Lots of interest for the training to continue. Shane certainly was the draw card with the best numbers of riders ever showing up to a SKCC track training night.
The evening started with

  • History of SKCC track training and the recent Victorian titles in which SKCC track teams medalled in almost every event.
  • Shane gave the group a detailed overview of track riding and the challenges of both riding track and riding the indoor velodrome
  • Group broke up into two groups, those who had their own bikes and had track experience, and  those who had little track experience and riding loan bikes.

Shane rode every-ride with the group on the last bike he raced. He was fully kitted out and looked very impressive out on the track mixing it up with the rest of the group. I noticed a couple of the riders putting out a few challenges to Shane as he rode around.

The remainder of the evening consisted of the following drills:

  • 50 lap warm up
  • Flying entry’s from the top of the bank dropping down through the first corner reaching every riders top speed
  • Team pursuits with opposing groups each side of the track
  • Whistle sprints
  • 20 lap cool down lap

During the various events/disciplines the club members continued to extract as much information and knowledge from Shane as they could. The 2hrs went very quickly!

Today I’ve received many emails/correspondence on what a great training evening last night was and many people said they would be back for the next session. If the club can continue to support the track program in this way it would be great, and if we can had Shane come back would be an absolute bonus.
For the remainder of the year we have around 6 more evenings booked for SKCC track training. For these evenings, we will be concentrating on the team pursuits and team sprints. We will be working on the gates starts, gearing, times, rolling turns and close riding skills so when we go to the State titles it’s just like another training evening.
Contributor: Ray Box, SKCC Track Coordinator