More SKCC riders join the CV/Daryl Perkins Saturday track training squad. A number of traditional road riders are using the winter indoor velodrome and to enhance their sprint ability by combining the road and track cycling skills to improve their overall riding/racing results.

Photo above after this year’s very successful club track titles – fantastic result and these next titles are expected to be even better.

SKCC track training sessions are being held on the following evenings. (6-8pm at DISC).
First timers to the track are welcome.
All SKCC riders at these training sessions are encouraged to wear the club kits.

Note – we ask all riders who come to track training and racing please ride in your SKCC kits colours

Three weeks to go before the next SKCC track training session
Please arrive early as everyone will be on the track warming up on the track at 6.00pm
Scheduled dates are: –
• 17th August 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 21st September 2013 under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 12th October 2013
• 19th October 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 9th November 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
• 30th November 2013
• 21st December 2013
Further details please refer to the SKCC web site

For those riders into track racing here are the “Winter series racing”.

Dates to remember as below. 4.00pm to approx. 8.30pm race times for
• 10th August 2013 (Derbies)
• 14th September 2013 (Keirins)
Entrees via CV web site only (entry’s close the Sunday before the race Saturday)

Put this in your calendar
The next of the Saturday evening winter racing events will be held on Saturday 10th August from 4.00pm. Spectator entry is free. Best indoor racing from the comfort of the grand-stand. Coffee shop and bar will be open during races. All SKCC riders at these events are encouraged to wear the club kits.

Apart from the photos of SKCC track riders on our club’s web site other photos can also be found on the link below. Copy this into your “Windows Internet Explorer for more SKCC track photos


A good clean start from the gates is the key to a successful time. The SKCC squad practiced this this session to get the timing perfect.

View looking from the grand-stand Impressive all the SKCC kits to be seen

Shane Kelley and the SKCC Track Squad at a recent Saturday evening track training session. Yes unfortunately they were not all wearing the SKCC kit. Shane can you please make sure you are wearing your SKCC kit next time

Luke Stein one of our fastest track riders. This young rider has the most amazing kick on the track. Anyone on the track try’s to challenge him and he just blasts away. Keep up the good work Luke.

Above – Marita Box after completing her last race for the day. This race was thrown into a little panic for Marita as she went to get her bike for the race she found her front tyre was flat. As can been seen from the photo above a different wheel on the front from the back. Races don’t wait for flat tyres, Marita was able to grab the from wheel from her husband’s bike and make it to the start of the race just in time. Looks like your husband saved the day again Marita.

Above – The Brunswick platoon challenges Trevor Griscti at the evening races. Trevor sitting quite comfortable on front for the final lap and holds the other rider on the hip through to the finish line.

Cycling Victoria Track Training sessions are becoming more and more dominated by SKCC track riders. Until recently Brunswick was the most prominent club at these training sessions but of late SKCC have been taking the sting out of the other clubs track dominance. Photo above from this Saturdays CV training. Of the 22 riders training at this session 8 were SKCC riders.

Pre warm down ride – this is what track riders look like on a cold winters night. No sad faces in this lot, they’re glad they are in-doors and not out in the cold wet and wind.

Article compiled by Ray Box and the SKCC track riders