The talk on the street is that “SKCC is now not only one of the best crit/road clubs around but is now challenging the local clubs on the track across all grades”. This is great feedback to the SKCC track riders, well done.

With the Victorian Club Track titles still 7months away, SKCC is well underway with training for this event. At track level other clubs are saying “years ago you would just roll up to the titles and race, now with SKCC coming on-board with a much higher professional level and a committed group of riders for the clubs titles, clubs can’t expect to just turn up on the day and get a good result”.

This is what winter training looks like at Disc. It’s cold and wet outside but not inside DISC.

SKCC track training sessions are being held on the following eveningsfrom 6-8pm at DISC, first timers to the track are welcome.

All SKCC riders at these training sessions are encouraged to wear the club kit.

  • 20th July 2013
  • 17th August 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 21st September 2013 under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 12th October 2013
  • 19th October 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 9th November 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 30th November 2013
  • 21st December 2013

Further details please refer to the SKCC website.

Generally after each training session riders regroup at the local pizza and pasta restaurant in Station street Fairfield for a late meal, however after this week’s training we will all be going to the Grosvenor Hotel for the Tour de France night (10 Brighton Road St Kilda East. Book online for tickets through the SKCC web site “Shop”!!)

Winter series racing dates to remember 4.00pm to approx. 8.30pm

  • 10th August 2013 (Derbies)
  • 14th September 2013 (Keirins)

Entrees via CV web site only (entry’s close the Sunday before the race Saturday)

Put this in your calendar.

The next of the Saturday evening winter racing events will be held on Saturday 10th August from 4.00pm. Spectator entry is free. Best indoor racing from the comfort of the grandstand. Coffee shop and bar will be open during races. All SKCC riders at these events are encouraged to wear the club kit.

SKCC Track riders fight it out to the line even when training.

SKCC track riders at the start line.

SKCC team pursuit training – rider on the front peeling off on the bend to swing to the back. 12 laps at 55km/hr with your front wheel only cm’s from the rider in front of you. Sounds daunting, yet these riders only started riding track this year and are showing great potential.

No room for error – final lap of the scratch race at the Winter Series Saturday racing. SKCC track rider trying to push in-between the two Brunswick riders who are not giving him any room. At this point the riders are travelling at speeds ofaround 58km/h and the g-forces in the bends actually push the riders up the track.

From training we move to Saturday evening race highlights

Stand out rider for the evenings racing – Samantha Sutton No 51 winning the Women’s “C” grade racing for the evening. Fantastic effort Sam.

Six riders line up across the track for the two lap dash. This type of racing is about absolute power. First rider across the line wins and its maximum effort all the way.

This race finish above was 1st,2nd & 3rd all SKCC riders – well done boys.

These riders above are averaging over 55km/hr, no room for error as the three SKCC riders work together.

Riders line up for the “Points Score”. The average track rider is a larger framed and structured rider than the long distance road riders. Look at No 22 and 23 above. Both these riders are built like gorillas. They are short distance sprint riders and that’s what they train for. These riders will sit in the bunch hiding and not doing a lot of work on the front then at the end they will come out from behind, fresh as a daisy and try to smash the last couple of laps out taking the points.

High speed racing as the SKCC rider leads out. Unfortunately Ray, leading the race, has his hand positioned incorrectly on the handle bars and was officially warned over his positioning after the event. Hands are to be in the drops at all times while track racing (new race rules for track brought in this year).

Happy SKCC Track competitors after Saturday nights Winter Track Series Racing. The tradition after every race session is a photo shoot of the squad. Great riding by SKCC riders over the evening.

From track rider Trevor Griscti in France

Here’s a pic of me ascending Alp d’Huez @ turn 4 (meaning I’d already gone round the first 17, with only 4 left to the finish).

I don’t know if you’ve ridden it, but I found it to be pretty steep, with no leveling out for 14k’s. As a trackie, I blew past 99% of the cyclists on the way up, just goes to show that track training makes for good road cyclists.

G’day to all the St Kilda trackies, catch you all soon.

Ciao trev.

You can find an SKCC track rider almost anywhere. – Trevor Griscti in France following the tour

Article compiled by Ray Box and the SKCC track riders