Track News – SKCC Track riders clean up at the Melbourne Winter Track Series


Above – some of the SKCC track riders that raced last Saturday night the final night of the winter track series

SKCC track riders may not have won the series, or the all the races but they clean up on the chook-raffle. Steve Sutton was the lucky winner of the chook-raffle door-prize. Steve said “the boss normally complains when I come home with nothing, will she will be very happy with this win”.

Last Saturday night was the finals of the Winter Track Series in Melbourne. Now we move onto the summer series. This is when track racing really fires up and generally you can find a major race on every weekend during the summer period. The SKCC track riders are planning to race at a number of the country track carnivals this summer including the Bendigo Madison, the Ladies Gold Stakes in Ararat, Geelong, and Warrigal to name a few.

Counting down – Five more training sessions before the Victorian Club Track titles. If you want to be part of the world’s best track cycling club and would like to race in the Victoria Clubs Track titles then let us know. All you need is to be an SKCC member, have a track bike and some tack experience. The track experience part is easy that’s why we have these introductory sessions (as below) and new to track riders while attending these session can easily get track confidence to a level to race at the upcoming titles.


SKCC Track Training this weekend with Shane Kelly

SKCC scheduled dates for track training (6-8pm) are: –

  • 21st September 2013-  2nd session under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 12th October 2013 – 3rd session under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 9th November 2013 – 4th session and final before the titles under the direction of Shane Kelly
  • 30th November 2013  another time to be arranged due to a double booking
  • 14th December 2013
  • 11th January 2014
  • 18th January 2014 Vic Club Tack titles
  • 25th January 2014
  • 8th February 2014
  • 15th February 2014

If you’re interested in track riding and want to have a try at it there is a scheduled “Come and try day” with CV on the 22nd September – Details on the Cycling Victoria web site, here

NOTE: places are limited due to the popularity of track racking.  Alternatively, come along to the next scheduled training session at Disc on the 21st September (further details SKCC web site).

Above – one of the final heats in the evening Kieran’s racing

Above – Samantha preparing for her upcoming qualifying round in the Kieran Womens races.

Above –  Steve, You can’t eat the hamper!!!    It was only one chocolate bar! He said.

Samantha holds her place well two laps out from the finish

Above:  Samantha – out of the saddle and around she goes. She has this way of sitting on the back then pounces on her prey and around she goes taking the lead through to the finish

Above: Ray was a little quiet at the races on Saturday night, didn’t have much to say during this interview.

Above – Marita always up for a chat. We found her over at the rubbish bin with some Brunswick riders warming up on the rollers.

Above – This is about all you see of Jimmy when you are riding with him. He’s known at track as the “SKCC Pocket Rocket” 

Above – Garry face says it all. Shear determination. 6’6”, built like a grey-hound but absolutely bullet proof. He lines up for the semi-finals on the track to see if he can get off the start and on the back of the riders in-front of him before the back markers can form a train and hunt the out-markers down.

Above – Trevor, one day in the Alps racing with his mates then the next day at the Melbourne Velodrome racing with his SKCC mates.


So you want to be part of the SKCC Track committee then just let Ray know via email. The committee will meet once per month on the 3rd Monday of that month at the Grosvenor Hotel on Brighton Road East St Kilda. The Grosvenor Hotel is one of our major supporters of SKCC so it’s important we reciprocate that support by holding our meetings at our sponsor’s venues.

 As always have a safe week, what’s left of it and “remember, it’s a jungle out there”


Article compiled by Ray Box and the SKCC track riders