SKCC Kit Design

Dear members:

At our most recent committee meeting we decided to extend the range of club clothing available through Champion Systems by introducing a casual club kit to complement the club race kit.
We’d love to engage with everyone on this issue and are seeking your thoughts and comments on this proposal.

The casual club kit is not intended to replace the race kit. The new complementary kit is for those days where a member would like to wear a club kit but would prefer a casual option. We don’t anticipate there will be prescriptive rules for what kit should be worn when, but our preference would be for the Race Kit to be worn for racing and at official events.
The brief to the designers is as follows:

  1. The current SKCC logo and colours should be used
  2. A black base colour is required for the bib knicks pre-dyed area
  3. Ideally the design should suit existing SKCC accessories (arm and leg warmers, etc)
  4. The design should complement the existing race kit – not compete with it.
  5. Attributes which might describe the design could be “subtle, understated, classic, minimalist, simple, uncomplicated”
  6. Sponsors logos should be used – ideally on the back pockets or other visible but unobtrusive position – design dependent

Above is an example which the committee feels meets the brief. This design is from Bzak Cycling Clothing Design, a division of club sponsors Omega Creative.
We are open to other options should any designers in the club want to submit their own design and we can provide all the brand assets necessary.
If we do receive alternative designs we will list them for review by members. Providing they meet our criteria as defined above – you can decide by a poll which one you like the best.
This is a pro-bono project and should be accepted on that basis. We will be more than happy to support and acknowledge the successful designer in ournewsletter, on social media and on the website.
All design applications or queries should be addressed to Leigh Parsons.