Do you have a penchant for Individual Time Trials, or ever felt you’d like to give them a red hot go?

Do you want to be a part of the inaugural SKCC ITT Championship ?
Whether you’re an SKCC member on a Gold Licence or a Silver Recreational Licence, you are eligible to compete in this championship event.
Just you against the clock ! Full bike bling allowed !
Where ?
The Northern Combine ITT Championships are being held this Saturday, 29th June in Balliang from 10am.
The SKCC riders with the fastest times in this event in the following categories will be the SKCC ITT Club Champions.
The SKCC awards will follow the same format as our Club Road and Criterium Championship awards, including male and female awards in all categories.
You don’t need to choose a category because MAS2/3,  MAS4/5 & MAS6+ will automatically be contesting both your masters age category AND the Open Club Championship Category. Anyone aged 19-34 yrs of age (Elite/MAS1) will only be contesting the Open Club Championship.
SKCC Categories
Elite/MAS1(Open)           (19-34 yrs of age)
MAS2/3                           (35-44 yrs of age)
MAS4/5                           (45-54 yrs of age)
MAS6+                            (55+ yrs of age)
And that’s not all……….
Riders will also be competing for the Northern Combine ITT Championships, however the NC categories differ slightly and you are required to nominate your NC category when entering on the NC website. Riders of masters age are required to choose whether they are going to contest the NC Open or their NC Masters category (M123 or M456).
(NB: No need to nominate or mention your SKCC Category when entering, we’ve got that covered for you).
NC Categories
Open                      (Fastest Male & Fastest Female)
Juniors                   (Fastest Male Junior & Fastest Female Junior)
MAS123                 (Fastest Male & Fastest Female)
MAS456                 (Fastest Male & Fastest Female)
And that’s not all………..
This event is also Race 4 of the Northern Combine Women’s Points series.
No need to nominate or mention your Women’s Grade when entering on the NC website, just nominate your NC Category (see above) for the ITT.
We’ve got your Grading covered, we’ll allocate each rider to their Women’s Grade and allocate points to the top five finishers in Women’s A&B Grades separately.
How do I enter ?
Follow this link to the Northern Combine website home page.
Read the information provided and follow the link provided on that page for entries.

Entries are open now and close tomorrow…..don’t delay !

Reminding you again……If you are a rider of Masters age you are required to select the category you are contesting for the Northern Combine ITT Championship.
So you will either contest the Open(Elite), or the MAS123 or the MAS456. So where it says “Grade Requested” on the entry form, select the category you wish to contest from the dropdown box.
Don’t make any references to your SKCC category, that’s only relevant to the SKCC Committee, not the Northern Combine Committee, and we’ve got it covered.
Don’t make any references to your Women’s Grade, Gaelene has that covered.
And that’s not all……….
Footscray Cycling Club are running a road race from the Balliang Hall at around 1pm on Saturday. They have extended an invitation to all Northern Combine members to enter their race. So you don’t have to drive to Balliang just for a 24.2km time trial, you can round out the day with a road race as well ! When further details of this become available we’ll post them on the SKCC Facebook Page.
Are you unsure ? Call 0414 432 850 if you need clarification for any of the above.

  • Brunswick Cycling Club also use the Northern Combine ITT Championships as their Club ITT Championship.
  • Trophy awards on the day will only be the Northern Combine ITT Championship awards, SKCC awards will be made at the SKCC Road Club Championship awards in December.
  • There is no prize money for the ITT – it’s trophies only.

Photo Source: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images Europe