On Tuesday the 29th of October 2019 all financial SKCC members were invited to attend our regular committee meeting to discuss AusCycling.
Lisa Byrne (Cycling Victoria President and SKCC member), Carol Cooke (Cycling Victoria Board Member and SKCC member), SKCC committee members, and a small group of passionate members were in attendance. It was very pleasing to be able to discuss the AusCycling proposal, questioning and challenging aspects of it, and considering how SKCC should vote at the upcoming Cycling Victoria AGM.

Following the discussion, the SKCC committee voted unanimously to support the AusCycling proposal.

SKCC’s crit circuit difficulties are a prime example of how the current cycling administrative structure and systems have failed club, members and community. Whilst I think everyone would agree there have been significant improvements in the management of Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia in recent years, there is still so much to do and nowhere near enough funding or resourcing to make the improvements and create the opportunities for growth that are necessary for our sport to thrive.

Keeping the status quo makes no sense for our members who are as diverse in their riding of on-road, off-road, racing and social as they are in their demographics.
SKCC has been racing at White Street for 18 years and providing opportunities for people to participate in cycling. Our wishes and dreams of a traffic free cycling circuit will never become a reality under the current structure as we lack the political voice to make it happen.

As for the AusCycling proposal, like any business merger or start up, it is never perfect, never always right and is guaranteed to encounter something unpredicted. The SKCC committee and I take comfort that there is a passionate working group of intelligent business people and cyclists working to get the best outcomes for our clubs, our members and ultimately for cycling in Australia, and believe that the formation of AusCycling is in the best interests of us all.

Lewis Fulcher
SKCC President
0400 820 477